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  • Mark Zuckerberg claims Apple's App Store charges 'monopoly rents,' stifles innovation

    Zuckerberg’s comments are patently absurd and without any foundation.  The creation of the iPhone and the App Store completely revolutionised mobile phone use and the creation of a massive range of apps from a huge number of creators who would never otherwise have been able to be so inventive.
  • TikTok 'shocked' by US executive order and impending ban

    This is nothing to do with US security or anything else  like that.  This is Trump not liking what Tim-Tok does.  As always he just signs an executive order: no discussion, not debate, no vote.  I am sure China is a bit more tech-savvy than getting some names and addresses of private individuals who post generally silly short videos.  If China wants to obtain US secrets it will do so by other means, probably by hacking into the Chinese made computer systems at the the Government, CIA, FBI and anywhere else it chooses.
  • Please don't wish for a 'free' App Store

    Apple should absolutely be able to control the software installed on its devices or you end up with the Windows shambles where few apps are compatible with other apps.  You just end up with a Wild West.  If a developer wants to make an app. why wouldn’t it want the thing to work? If an app. developer wants its app. to work on a particular platform (and Apple is not the only one), it needs the source code.  Why should it not pay for that?
  • House antitrust committee ready to subpoena Apple CEO Tim Cook for big tech investigation

    This is more nonsense.  The US has a very odd way of being the land of the free and allowing entrepreneurs to flourish. When a business has grown, through its own efforts and imagination to make something world class, different and new, it apparently needs to be broken up.  If app. makers want to create apps which work on a particularly platform, obviously, it needs to pay for that.  If you don’t like the terms, do it sign up for it: you know the cost in advance.  Using a platform gives the app. usability, after all. It can also give the app. huge coverage.  If you rent a property for commercial use, you don’t expect the rent to go down if your business is successful.  The same applies to the other companies here.  In Google’s case, without its size it wouldn’t work as a search engine and Facebook wouldn’t work as a worldwide operation.  Amazon is the odd one out here but again it’s success is of its own making.  Amazon does destroy other businesses, often by undercutting the competition which the others do not do, but Amazon has been successful because of its fantastic service.  All these companies do use tax avoidance measures and cheap labour to keep costs down but that is the American way.
  • Apple TV+ predicted to hit 100 million subscribers by 2025

    The problem Apple has for Apple TV+ is quality over quantity.  I have watched a number of Apple’s programmes and films and they are very high quality.  Unfortunately, most folks seem to prefer quantity, no matter how poor it is.  My family has Netflix and Prime, as well as some other UK based repeat services such as Britbox and none of these provides anything near the quality of the Apple shows.  I am more than happy to pay for Apple TV+ whereas I do not pay and will not pay for Netflix or Prime.