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  • Newly discovered Bluetooth exploit tracks iOS, macOS devices

    What a big discovery !

    "We identified that devices running Windows 10, iOS or macOS regularly transmit advertising events containing custom data structures which are used to enable certain platform-specific interaction with other devices within BLE range," the paper reads.

    Those custom dats structures will be modified or removed in the next system update then the “research” will become irrelevant.

    What is the range of Bluetooth LE? 9 meters or so? The victim’s location must be bugged to collect that continuous traffic logs. And the collecting van must park to the victim’s location as closely as possible during that loooong collection task...
    Hmmm, perhaps one of those new-fangled smart bulbs could have it's firmware hacked/modified to collect a log of nearby bluetooth traffic... it would be hiding in plain sight. Substitue any other smart device of your choice - lock, switch, thermostat, fan,...
  • Health Canada tells users to ask Apple when they'll get the Watch ECG app

    But year after year we're left waiting and waiting...and waiting.  Remember AirPlay 2?
    Yeah, it's great.

    Ah but the immediate self-gratification entitlement has always been strong in techies. Canada dragged ass and only approved this is in May, so now that a month or so has gone by people are blaming Apple!? LOL. Here in enterprise software land a deployment is often planned a month or two in advance. 
    As of March 17th, Apple had not yet even applied for approval, 6 months after feature announced in US.
    Health Canada indicated it takes as little as 15 days for approval. 
    No ass dragging by Canada! 
  • Apple Pay goes live in the Netherlands

    Well I’m here on vacation and have been using it for a few things since Friday evening including buying a 7 day transit pass. Some machines had  logo but most just show wireless tap 
  • Microsoft Store loses eBook sales fight, will refund users & delete books in July

    Shades of Fahrenheit 451 (movie remake)
  • Everything you need to know about how to apply for and use the Apple Card

    article says "... double-press the side button to launch Apple Pay. You'll see an image of one card but you can swipe to the right to get any other one." in fact you have to select/touch the alternate card to use. There doesn't appear to be a swipe action to change to another card. If you have multiple cards, and want to change the >default< one that appears when you double tap power button, just open the Wallet app (after unlocking iPhone) and drag the card to be default to the 'lower/most visible' item in the stack of cards. A confirmation that you have a new default card will appear.