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  • Five tips to get much more out of Apple Notes on iOS and macOS

    Another tip is use Siri - Say "Hey Siri, open my todo note", or "Hey Siri, add get milk to my todo note" I think this might be faster than the today widget for a specific note, but it does require you to remember what you called a particular note. Or you could ask siri to search notes for specific word,
  • Improving on Apple: alternatives to iCloud's 5GB of free space

    Flickr (Yahoo) offers 2 TB free for photos and videos. It's more of a backup solution than a shared drive... Photos and videos default to private, unless you change this. Apple format 'llve photos' have only the still portion backed up though.
  • Apple knew in advance about iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus 'Bendgate' says court filing

    I have never put my 6Plus in back pocket - It's been replaced twice due to touch disease. It had always been kept in pristine condition in a case- never dropped, never sat on. First time was after it was 27 months old. Apple Genius put it on a level surface to show there was an 'almost undetectable bend', and said it was not a manufacturing defect, but due to my handling. Not much choice but to argue and then pay the out of warranty special replace option. The 6>s<plus was specifically changed/strengthened to reduce the instances of bending, presumably an acknowledgement that there was a defect in the 6Plus engineering. In the second replacement, which occurred 14 months after the first replace, this was likely due to being dropped - I had handed it down to my son, and although he was careful it had a scratch or two on the case indicating some drop had occurred.
  • Apple stops signing iOS 11.2.6 amid deluge of iOS 11.3 bug reports

    I tried to restore to 11.2.6 on Friday due to the numerous bugs I was encountering on my iPhone X - I did submit bug report to the page, but ran out of text space to list all the issues. Settings - Cellular - frozen - doesn't allow any selection Setting Facetime -frozen - can't receive or make facetime calls Force restarted the phone (twice since updating to ISO 11.3 the day before) - finally got Facetime stting to show, and it complained that it wasn't enabled for Cellular - I was on Wi-fi at home - checked cellular (now working) and see that it's turned on for Facetime - I turn it off, and the warning for Facetime not enabled for cellular goes away. If I turn facetime cellular on, I get a warning that it's turned off. I couldn't type in an address on Safari search/address entry - keyboard freezes in mid-typing So far I can use the phone, but not for facetime. I was hoping to go back to 11.2.6 to get some stability back.
  • Apple launches iPhone battery replacement reservation program through support app in Canad...

    Also via the web  -
    select the repair -> battery replacement - then there's an option for "reserve a battery".
    You will be prompted for your phones IMEI/MEID and you will be notified when the battery is in stock and to come in for the replacement. 

    This will save the hassle of coming in, diagnosing, and finding that there's no battery in stock, and to have to come back later. So this eliminates an extra visit/time. 

    My own experience (before this was available) was 3 trips - 1 for diagnose, place an order for iPhone 6 battery due to out of stock, return a second several days later to drop off phone for repair, then next day to pickup (as I didn't want to wait the 4 hour turnaround) 
    This should eliminate the first trip, saving my time (and Apple employee support time),