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  • Hands on with Cycle, Apple's new menstrual cycle tracker in iOS 13 [u] I rightly or wrongly reminded of the 'mood ring'... ? Does this also have potentially broad and obvious privacy considerations...? Liability for dating apps? I would also ask naively if we want even more people on this planet... The list goes on... There is an Apple promotion of privacy and yet announcement of apps that drill down into the most intimate and personal fundamental aspects of human biology? Does the frog boiling continue at an accelerating pace? What might result if a hack, a bug, a war or simply an EULA change launches all this into the wild?
    I'm pretty sure most people would already have much more sensitive data on their phones than when their period arrives - email/mesaging, banking, photos all come to mind. I'm not sure what you're talking about with regards to dating apps.

    About the number of people on the planet - look at countries where Apple has high market share and tell us what the natural population growth levels are. Close to zero or less I would guess.
  • Apple, Samsung tie for first in US phone satisfaction survey

    Kuyangkoh said:
    Darn, where’s Hauwie in the survey?? They are the best even the ceo daughter carries them....oh wait my bad  :-(
    "in an annual customer satisfaction survey among U.S. phone owners"
  • Hands on with the best features of iOS 13 and iPadOS

    I don't know how it is in other countries but I'm amazed at how few people use swipe to type. It's far better than tapping away and incredibly accurate. I have two different languages on my keyboard and it can even spot which word I mean if I use multiple languages in one sentence. Once in a while I get too confident (sloppy) and it doesn't recognise the word and for some reason it capitalises some words that I might have once spelled out e.g. Guess but otherwise it's great
  • Huawei touts its 'substantial contributions' to Android and says it will continue supporti...

    Dying company lashes out. They'll make every claim they can to try and be relevant before they lose everything. What even is impressive about selling $20 phones to third world countries? Nevermind selling more $20 devices than other $20 device makers.
    It did more than $100B in revenue last year and has been growing at 20% pa over the last few years. In Europe, where it's not banned, it's selling good quality handsets in very large volumes not to mention the carrier-grade networking equipment and is a major part of the cloud infrastructure. Not bad for a dying company. 
    avon b7
  • Editorial: Latest IDC estimate of Q1 2019 iPhone sales 'highly inaccurate' to the point of...

    lkrupp said:
    IDC’s reports are taken as gospel by the industry. Reports from tech blogs rebutting IDC's findings, not so much. The real losers here are investors who base their portfolios on IDC’s and other’s negative narratives regarding Apple. They sold their positions in AAPL because they were told it’s a failed company on the verge of disappearing. Except for the Oracle of Omaha, of course. He apparently didn’t believe them. I had to demand that my financial advisor add some AAPL to my portfolio, which he did grudgingly. 
    I work in the industry and buy IDC and Gartner research. No one who knows what they are doing considers it the gospel. We understand that there are limitations to the data and we talk directly to the analysts to understand what they are and use our experience to work within the limits.