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  • Apple Music subscription reduced in India in response to Spotify and YouTube Music launche...

    tipoo said:
    Damn, 99INR is only 1.91 Canadian dollars, if that's sustainable and profitable in India it just goes to show how high services margins are in the western world. 
    It's hard to believe it's sustainable in the short term. It reminds me of Bill Gates talking about rampant piracy in China, "As long as they're going  to steal it, we want them to steal ours. " If Apple can get a few tens or even hundreds of millions subscribing in India for basically nothing, sooner or later they'll get a return.
  • Apple's Tim Cook calls sports a 'great unifier' in call to ESPN

    Ugh. Sports is a great scam. A bunch of wealthy people getting richer while people cheer for logos while the players are switched out. Often promised fame. But one injury and those players are sidelined and left with bills and no figure. 
    Says the non-sports fan. I don't cheer for a logo, I cheer for a team, players, and a place with which I have a connection. 
  • Behind-the-scenes feature shows how Apple Watch has veered away from high fashion

    Apple is becoming a victim of its own success. Having an iPhone in your pocket is one thing but when people are all walking around with the same watch and airpods sticking out of their ears, it does look a little like 1984. I'd hope that they'd have a little more flexibility with designs when they do eventually release a pair of glasses considering most of the hardware should be independent of the lenses and frames, unlike on a watch face.
  • Samsung's Galaxy S resale value dropped twice as fast as iPhone X this year

    I don't live in the US so my experience is different due to VAT, smaller size of the market and different competition but the difference between buying an S9 the day it's released - usually at the expensive retail chains - and buying it a month or two later when smaller, cheaper, but still reputable online stores get in the game is huge. On launch date, the S9 cost about $1200, a month later it was $800 and $600 today. If you're someone willing to buy on day one, you're probably not worried about resale value. Anyone else would wait and then the difference a couple of years later isn't as dramatic as portrayed in this article. For comparison, a similar iPhone X went from $1500 on launch day, up to $1600 a month later and then slowly came down to $1000 today.

    I don't know what resale prices are like here but even if your $800 S9 went down in resale value by 70%, paying that much less up front makes up the difference and then some.
  • Review: Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor is the first outdoor motion detector for HomeKit

    I guess Philips, Eve and all the rest of these companies think that people who walk near my home are all honest and would never steal it. I think I'll wait until a model comes out that is hard to see. Better yet, it should be camouflaged to look like something common, eg, maybe a lightbulb (which would also provide the power if it was a real lightbulb in a socket.) But I wouldn't expect anything actually innovative like that to come from them.
    Depending on where you plan to put it, you could put it inside a bird house, perhaps one that doesn't look worth stealing. I'm guessing most crooks aren't driving around looking for bird houses.

    I would have appreciated the following information:  Bluetooth or WiFi and range of signal.  And battery type and life.
    I believe it's zigbee - no wifi or bluetooth - and needs the Hue bridge. Two AA batteries included, which last two years. There's a battery meter that you can view in Hue Essentials.