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  • MWC Barcelona 2019 taunts Apple's absence in 5G and foldable screens

    I didn't notice any of the better tech publications saying much about foldable phones other than that it's an interesting gen 0 product and shows that the technology is coming. Apple isn't interested in a small niche of people that want half-baked products. Does anyone seriously think that either of the current foldable devices at almost $2000 are going to sell in any significant numbers? No. Would anyone buying one expect it to be bug free and anything more than a well-working prototype? I hope not. Apple's strategy is to wait until they think the technology is ready for the mass market. Samsung's is to get a small number of new but rough devices in people's hands early, which encourages other handset makers to follow. This is as much a promo for their screen division as anything else.
  • Apple 'Project Titan' vehicle could turn out to be an electric van

    maestro64 said:
    Anyone who lives in the northeast would you want a car drive you around which was trained on California roads? I'll give you a hint, would you get in any car with a person who never seen snow and let them drive you during the storm we just had.

    The van Idea make sense since it give more room for batteries and allows the sensor to have higher vantage point. 

    When I tough my kids to drive one things I taught them was not to always watch the car in front of them but the cars 10 in front as well as the cars behind. I have avoided more accidents because I saw brake lights way ahead and began slowing long before the car in front of me even tapped their brakes, this also allowed the cars behind me to begin slowing so we all did not have to panic stop. This is call offensive driving which most drivers do not do and think about the people programing theses system, what view of driving do they follow.
    I believe it's called defensive driving but I could be wrong. 

    With regards to where the cars are being trained  - they start out somewhere nice and dry and flat and straight then launch there, as we've seen with Waymo. Once they are confident that they are ready to test in more difficult conditions, they'll do that. There's no chance they will just launch in the NE having trained only in Cali or Arizona.
  • Samsung's 'Galaxy Fold' foldable phone leaks out hours before official reveal

    It's hard to tell from the picture - is it two separate displays? Or is it just split at the bezel and the display itself is one continuous screen? Either way, with the price, the thickness, and everything else, it'll be a niche product the way the Edge was when it was first released. Third gen might start to get interesting.

    They'd do better to focus on the S10, which looks like it'll be a very nice phone. Thin bezels at the top, no side bezels at all and personally, I slightly prefer the cut out to the notch. Then again, are the top/bottom bezels thicker than on an iPhone? Either way, it's great to see Samsung competing at the high end with Apple.
  • HomePod sales up in fourth quarter, Amazon and Google extending lead

    tht said:
    Frankly, I’m amazed that >30m units of this voice assistant speakers can even be sold. I wonder what the retention is, ie, how people use them actively versus them being put in storage or lying dormant, unused. 
    I can't speak for anyone else but I find I use mine more and more the longer I have it. As I add new home automation devices to my network, I use my Home Minis to operate them. I probably use them for music, searches, weather, lists etc as much as when I first got them.
  • Samsung poised to challenge Apple at retail in US with first full-scale stores

    Soli said:
    spice-boy said:
    Ssmsung makes very good tvs, appliances and more importantly phones which rival the iPhone. Consumers are fickle and the once fetish like product iPhone is just another mobile phone option although very expensive one at that. Think about with the release of every iPhone a Samsung is used at the best comparison by tech critics. I am not ready to switch to Samsung I just believe a younger generation does not necessarily feel they owe anything to Apple or it's products.
    1) No one should ever feel like they owe some loyalty to a brand (and that includes a sports team profiting from one’s misplaced fanatical loyalty).

    2) It’s anecdotal, but I see more younger people with Apple products and more older people with Android products, usually from Samsung. Users that are less technical (across all age groups) and require the most help to do basic tasks, that usually falls to Android users. I thiink Apple will be fine.
    The stats used to point the other direction - older people that went with a well known American brand that "just works" bought Apple. Younger people who were willing to deal with some issues, were less scared of security, and had less money, went for Android. I have no idea if that's still the case as where I live, it's mostly all Android