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  • Android Xiaomi Mi 8 shamelessly copies iPhone X

    One thing I am understand is - Why is Apple NOT suing them? This would teach them a lesson and also prevent blatant copying like what is going on, particularly with the notch.

    At the very least, Apple would struggle to demonstrate that it owns the notch design. As it says in the article, Essential came out with a notch before Apple did. LG also filed a patent in 2016 that had a phone with a notch in the illustration. Let's be realistic, the notch is not an intentional design, it's a workaround before anyone figures out how to make a bezel-free phone.
  • Will HomePod make a second splash at WWDC 2018?

    My feeling is that Apple would be better to focus on improving Siri and building out services on their end rather than putting photos and security systems on to the HomePod itself. I doubt that Apple would sell a security system with no back up battery. Some companies might but not Apple.
  • Apple issued government warning over repair, replacement practices in New Zealand

    avon b7 said:
    nunzy said:
    New Zealand is being unfair to Apple. If anybody knows how to take care of its customers, it is Apple.
    New Zealand is not being unfair to Apple. These laws apply to all companies. Flouting them (through ignorance or deliberately) will lead to this kind of action.

    Apple has a long history of trying to flout EU consumer law with its selling practices of AppleCare for mobile devices. It is a repeat offender, and AFAIK, never challenges consumer protection demands because it has known from the outset that, in the training phase of store employees and the wording of online marketing, it was misleading purchasers. I think it has had its house in order for a couple of years now although they tried to sell me AppleCare when I bought the iPhone 6 using the same tactics that consumer groups were complaining about.

    When I pointed out that the two year coverage the guy was trying to 'sell' me was already included in my statutory consumer rights, he gave a wry smile and conceded I was right but said he had the obligation to offer it to me anyway.
    They were fined about a million euros in Italy a few years ago for doing exactly that - charging customers for coverage that they were already legally entitled to.
  • Apple's iPhone X delivered a KO punch to cheap Androids: Q1 smartphone demand slumped glob...

    A whole analysis on prices and not a mention of the USD tanking over the last year vs major currencies. In Europe, if you bought a phone for the same price today as you did a year ago, it'd look like you bought a 20% more expensive phone in USD.
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  • Mac sales return to growth in Q1 amid continued PC market decline

    Mac sales return to growth in Q1 amid continued PC market decline

     I thought the Quarter ending March was Apple's Q2, not Q1? I guess they are talking about fiscal Q1 as comparison point for all the companies listed.

    OK, so what happened about the fact that Apple's Q1, which was "low" (YoY) and from which Apple's Mac sales have now "returned to growth" (YoY), was a week shorter than it's 2017 Q1?

    There was a bit of discussion about that on Apple-centric sites right after the "disappointing" unit results last quarter, but not much since, and certainly not on WallStreet it seems. Apple had a week less of sales during Q1, which is arguably why it went down in unit sales YoY. Especially since the iPhone X came online later and supply was constrained. That week could have made all the difference.

    How does this even work, that you get a quarter shorter by a whole week than the year previous? How often does it happen? What if they split that week between last quarter and this quarter, so that Q1 had 3.5 days extra (and thus several million more iPhone unit sales), and last Quarter had 3.5 days less?
    Gartner and IDC use calendar quarters and estimate each of the vendors on that timescale. HP also doesn't use calendar quarters. So it doesn't really matter how many days the vendors have in their quarters.