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  • Eight Siri features we want to see in iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS 5, and tvOS 12 at WWDC ...

    This is just feature matching Google Assistant. What about something more proactive? Read my email and tell me if I can switch to a different utility/insurance co to save money. Look at my travel history and suggest the perfect vacation for next year. Look out for a good deal on something I need to buy and ask me if I want to order it. I want Scarlett from Her, I'm sick of dumb assistants.
  • Video: Apple HomePod vs. Sonos One

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    So, what commands are you using on these other devices that makes them more useful. I’m really curious here. I’ve seen lots of claims but no proof. In fact when Siri has been compared I feel it is more useful in real use situations. 
    A few examples that Google Home gets right and all other smart devices (including Alexa) fail:

    Me: Hey Google play my Morning Tunes playlist
    Google Home: Plays _my_ Spotify Morning Tunes playlist

    Me: (while Spotify is playing) Hey Google add this song to my library
    Google Home: Ok, I added that song to your Spotify music library

    My Girlfriend: Hey Google play my Morning Tunes playlist
    Google Home: Plays _her_ Spotify Morning Tunes playlist

    Me: Hey Google what's on my calendar today?
    Google Home: What's on _my_ personal calendar

    My Girlfriend: Hey Google what's on my calendar today?
    Google Home: What's on _her_ personal calendar

    I could keep going... but I don't need to.  Apple completely forgot that many people in this world are not single people living by themselves.  They also completely forgot that _Millions_ of people like Spotify...
    Now that you reminded them, I'm sure they'll fix it in the next update.  Unless, Apple didn't "forget" those things at all.  
    Remember is another of those simple yet really helpful commands. "Remember I put the spare spring in the top drawer of the old toolbox". I can ask "Where did I put the spare spring" months from now, and it will remember and tell me. 
    That's a cool example, but I expect that 99% of the time it wouldn't work in practice.  First you have to remember to ask your device to remember every random thing (which personally I would be very unlikely to do) and then you have to phrase things the same way you will "months from now."  Then when you (or someone else) actually uses that thing, you have to remember to tell your device about it again.  No thanks, but if it works for you, that's cool.
    People put effort into finding a s piece of string, cutting it, and then tying it  around a finger to remember things, so I think that having a thought and then stating that thought outloud the exact same way you'd ask someone to remind you to do something later isn't going to need any additional brain power or training.

    Hell, I've been doing this with Siri since it came out and even before then with my Notes app on my iPhone—I think of something, I write it down or dictate it into one of many Notes itms that are then sectioned off with various groupings which themselves are often categorized further. If you use a Reminders app or the Timer you're already doing that. You've never once put change into a parking meter, saw how much time it gave you and then said, "Hey Siri set timer for x-minutes"?
    The closest I've come to this is taking a picture of the parking sign when I park in long-term parking at the airport.  How would this work if I did it verbally?  "Hey siri remind me that I parked at green 16."  How would I retrieve that information?  "Hey siri, where did I park?"  Would that work?  And next trip when I say "remind me that I parked at Blue 12" what happens to the green 16 reminder?  I suppose I just don't trust AIs enough to do these flawlessly, so I don't bother trying.
    Two options:
    Hey Google, this is where I parked my car.
    Weeks later: Hey Google, where'd I park my car? [Map shows you]

    Hey Google, remember that my car is at green 16
    Weeks later: Hey Google, what'd I tell you to remember about my car?
    Google: You asked me to remember that your car is at green 16
  • HomePod hands on account finds sound superior to competitors, data only read to main user

    maestro64 said:

    Does this imply that the Google product would tell a person in your house about your meeting or to-do items if you not home. I like the fact the someone could not ask the Siri to tell them what my schedule looks like, I may had date with my girlfriend and would not want my wife to know about it.

    In all seriousness, this is stuff Google does not think about, they through so much at a wall and wait to see if it stick or falls off. They apologies when they screw their customers, ops sorry I meant to say product since we are their product not their customer.

    I just tested it out by putting on a funny voice. It would tell me the weather but when I asked for my calendar, it said it couldn't verify my voice. You can train multiple voices though so I assume it can read two difference calendars
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  • Ireland's plans for Apple to pay $15.9B in back taxes may be delayed until Q2 2018

    LOL. Keep those delays coming! And in the meantime, prepare for Irexit.
    Why would they exit? The UK at least has a large enough domestic economy to keep them going but Ireland would lose all of these international companies the moment Ireland left. Ireland was a total backwater before it joined the EU. Or perhaps you think they'll join the UK?
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  • Samsung confirms plans for smartspeaker challenging Apple HomePod & Amazon Echo

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    Let me predict this. In a few months Samsung release their first smart speaker called SamPod which look exactly like HomePod and with similar but watered down technology, just a month before Apple release their HomePod. And you know what is going to happen then when eventually Apple release theirs? The internet is exploding with "Apple copy Samsung again!" everywhere. Fact be damn.
    If you look at the recent history of speakers, you'll find it doesn't start with Apple. There have been wireless speakers for years, including some from Samsung itself and its subsidiaries. Then there are smart speakers - started by Amazon, followed by Google. Microsoft announced it was putting Cortana into speakers from HP and HK (owned by Samsung), which will come out in the fall. Then, after all of that, Apple made its announcement and now finally Samsung under its own brand. No one is copying Apple. No one is copying Samsung. 
    Except Apple is not really doing a "wireless speaker" considering it got a A8... So, that's kind of a non sicatur, in fact Apple is probably opening a whole new market segment in audio equipment.

    If Samsung puts a big chip in their speakers they'll be copying Apple.
    As I said, there were wireless speakers then there were smart speakers. The homepod is a smart speaker. What does the homepod do that the ones from Amazon, Google, and MS not do?