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  • Watch: Siri will translate for you in Apple's iOS 11

    MacPro said:
    This is awesome and could have made it possible for an American grandmother (my wife) who, when alone and lost in Paris last year, was met by nothing but refusals to help unless she spoke in French from anyone she asked.  Her abilities in Latin and Spanish were of no avail.  Happily after an hour, now in darkness and quite fearful, an American couple who knew Paris came to her aid.  

    Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if seeing the use of an aid, such as an iPhone, help would still be refused on the grounds this still wasn't really speaking French. /yep still really, really pissed off about this!
    Google Translate is available on iphone. It can be used offline, can translate voice (mic) and text (camera). And translates more than 100 languages. Sorry to hear about your wife. It's awful to think anyone, no matter which language or culture, would be left helpless and lost
  • Editorial: When Apple is 2 years behind you, put your things in order

    Is this just a reprint from an article one year ago? Or two years ago?
  • Apple, Amazon, Google identified as bidders for Toshiba's NAND flash memory business

    sog35 said:
    Google and Amazon are in the bidding to jack up the price. Bunch of clowns. They have no need for buying a NAND company. They only sell a couple thousand devices a year.
    Both companies have delusions of grandeur and both expect to be competitive in hardware, eventually achieving serious marketshare in devices. 

    Amazon has a legitimate plan at least. Google is completely lost and clueless. They are legitimately worried that Apple's move will drive up the open market price of NAND flash. It very likely will. But Google sells so few Pixels, it is ridiculous for them to even attempt this. Google will destroy the company through mismanagement like they did to Motorola and Nest. The result will be even fewer players with Apple still driving the show. It will be even worse for Google in the long run. 

    Amazon at least has a decent chance at keeping the memory maker afloat. Not in the same league as Apple, but still head and shoulders above Google. 
    Google builds a lot of their own servers, that's why they are interested, not for a handful of Pixels