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  • Apple Card outage stopping customers from paying bills [u]

    macxpress said:
    I don't mean to generalize and it's probably a short lived glitch in the case of the card, but I tend to trust Apple's services less and less. iCloud is very messy for me with erratic syncing (drive, photos), needing several sign ins and outs on numerous devices; Music is crappy comparing with, say, Spotify, borderline offensive in recommendations and discovery; TV+ is mostly dull with original content seemingly committee based (more so than the competitors), like "let's be edgy, but at all cost inclusive and not offensive". The hardware is mostly still well behaved, so I'm still all in on that front, but I am actively eyeing the alternatives for the first time in several years, just to have a quick backup option. I now a have a second (Android) phone and am using duplicate services (contacts, calendar, notes, photos etc.). And for work, learning the alternative options that work on Windows (Premiere vs. Final Cut, Ableton vs. Logic). I love the idea of tight integration, Apple style, and until very recently I was exclusively Apple-everything. But lately I've been feeling uneasy with that approach. Always have a backup plan and a redundant second everything (romantic partners not strictly implied in that scheme).
    Hmm...iCloud works perfectly fine for me. Go figure!
    Perhaps not being a troll has a direct correlation with how well iCloud works? 
  • Analysts raise forecasts on strong iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro sales

    Today, Apple is doing another $1T market cap tease.  Up today and likely down tomorrow taking the $1T market cap with them.  Meanwhile, Microsoft is locked in at $1T with the greatest of ease, making Apple look somewhat weak and disoriented.  Thankfully, Apple has 3B less outstanding shares than Microsoft which means far fewer shares to pay out dividends to.

    It's somewhat strange how a few analysts lowered their forecast for Apple when they knew the iPhone 11 was selling at a brisk pace.
    Well to be fair the 11 doesn’t have 5G and the completely objective parties who are pushing, and will be profiting from, it assure them it’s super important.
  • Analysts raise forecasts on strong iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro sales

    lkrupp said:
    If we don’t believe them when they predict doom then why would we believe when they predict sunny skies?
    Because the reliability of their guesses don’t change objective reality. I’ll choose to believe it’s sunny when there is not a cloud in the sky, even if the analysts are telling me it’s raining.
  • Apple leads the entire US PC market in consumer satisfaction

    Have as much experience as I do with ALL of the other brands listed, and knowing how shitty they are, I find it astonishing the index value between them is that close!

    I can only think of two possibilities why that is...

    1) This data is "sponsored", which is often the case, or
    2) The majority of consumers really have become so inept that they cannot tell the differences, and we've firmly moved into the "it's good enough" mentality
    I think it's because the people polled only have experience with one product. Once upon a time I was a Windows guy and I just accepted the countless annoyances and let downs as the price paid for using technology. It was only after switching to my first Apple computer (iMac with first Intel processor) did I realize exactly how poor the Windows/PC experience truly was. This poll likely looks like this:
    1) 70% people who have only used Windows/PC's. They don't know there are greener pastures, so they compare barren fields to one another and try to find the best one.
    2) 20% people who have only used Mac. These people have only resided in green pastures so they really don't know how much better they have it then those in the barrens.
    3) 10% people who were Windows and are now Mac. These people can truly appreciate the difference and the overall experience allows them to overlook small issues as they know how bad the alternative is.
  • Kuo: iPhone 11 & Pro having strong launch, Apple will sell 75M iPhones in 2019

    But, wait ... I thought this year's iPhone was just iterative, not "innovative" enough, and Apple was doomed to failure? What Universe is this????

    And I thought that Apple's design choice for the cameras were too fugly??? Seriously, I'm confused! Who is buying these amazing, fast, powerful, capable phones???
    The same analysts that are downgrading the stock I suspect.