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  • Apple could hit $3T market cap by 2022, says analyst

    tmay said:

    Oh, and those reusable rockets that land on their tails? The McDonnell Douglas DCX was doing that some 25 years ago, do hardly starting "from scratch", but credit for SpaceX building on what went before them.

    Oh yeah, this prototype flew and land. But never into space, never to the space station, never commercially, never crewed.
    So what's SpaceX innovation here, right?
  • Apple could hit $3T market cap by 2022, says analyst

    tmay said:
    cg27 said:
    cg27 said:
    Elon Musk could be the world’s first trillionaire if and when he has a SpaceX IPO.
    And that crazy, fearless, bad ass engineer would deserve it 😊

    He’s the definition of a big picture risk taker.
    Indeed, he and the other high profile engineers founding and running the most powerful and innovative corporations make the so-called big shots of Hollywood and Wall Street look like lame schmucks
    Elon is not an engineer, and for the record, the bubble that Elon is riding will burst sooner than later. 


    "That means that either there will be twice as many cars as we have now or they will be twice as expensive or they will be twice as profitable. And all that will happen really soon. We can’t have twice the cars since there will be nowhere to park them. We can’t double the price unless we double our wealth. We can’t make them twice as profitable unless we disable competitive forces and change the production system.

    Or, it could be that half the assets (all the other automakers) are worthless."

    Bubble. Burst. Soon.

    Sorry for feeding this un-Apple conversation here. But I think you have missed that Tesla isn't only about cars. 
  • MagSafe charging limited to 12W on the iPhone 12 mini

    I am really bored by this „how fast can that phone/tablet charge“ discussion that is repeated every year when a new phone/tablet model comes along. Don‘t you have nights over there?

    It happens to me once every few month, that i need to charge my phone fast. In the meantime I deliberately use older chargers to charge it slowly. I don‘t know how you in the USA can live such a fast life that this charging time thing is really an issue. I sure hope that there are some more important things in your life. 

    Oh… wait…

  • Apple reduces price of accessories not included in iPhone 12 box

    Ofer said:
    I have a bunch of USB-A charging bricks. I have zero USB-C charging bricks. 
    You can buy a lighthing to usb cable for 6 bucks, I guess. Oh wait, you might have tons of them already.
  • iPad Air, affordable Apple Watch, 'AirPods Studio,' small HomePod predicted for fall

    Beats said:
    HomePod mini please.

    Apple Silicon Mac chip in Apple TV please.

    talexy said:
    Yeah, an affordable watch is coming. Like every year - the Apple Watch 4 or 5 gets discounted. Why on earth should apple develop a watch for the sole reason to sell it cheaper? And what should this be? Made from plastic? Low res screen? Not waterproof?

    Makes no sense to me. 

    For people who can't afford the higher end, for kids, for ecosystem expansion, for market share.
    • Well there is an entry price for everything. And people who can't afford the entry price of a certain thing, usually pick something that's either in their reach or they don't bother. Life without Apple Watch is possible.
    • And the marketshare is not something you should aim for with ever cheaper products. It comes as a side effect of building ever better ones. 
    I think that's more like how Apple thinks.