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  • Continued iOS 14 security updates were meant to be temporary, Apple says

    ...I wish Apple would slow everything down especially macOS which seemed to be released on merit (every 2~3 years through 2011) vs a calendar basis which may serve annual shareholder interests...

    This lack of continuity has created at this customer end a ton of overhead juggling app compatibility and for example the orphaning of 32 bit apps also came with a flurry of upgrade costs for various apps, many switching from the persistent licensing 'gold rush' to the unsustainable subscription model. Is this the opposite of Windows with long support cycles and recognition of such burdens on business? I understand 32 bit apps are still supported in Windows...?

    I just asked a developer today if Windows is now easier than the mac and in suit a better 'customer experience'...?
  • Apple's 2019 Mac Pro is now three PCIe revisions behind

    ...I wish Nvidia and AMD crossfire were better supported...  The latter might have helped (or still help) the 2013 mac pro...
  • Apple's 2022 monitor rumored to be half the price of the Pro Display XDR

    mcdave said:
    lkrupp said:
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    aderutter said:
    At this price it might make more sense to buy an iMac and a LunaDisplay. Apple need to release a monitor that is priced less than an iMac. 
    Totally agree. Talking to a neighbor who uses a 2010 MacPro with a nice monitor for that time and I gave him a spec comparison to the 2020 Mac mini and it blows his Mac Pro away. I could see myself moving to the next generation Mac mini as long as I could get a quality display that doesn’t, as you say, cost as much as a current 24” iMac. He’s waiting for this model as well. The base iMac is $1299 so why should a stand-alone 24” display cost more? It should include extra ports as well for this price. 
    Wait as long as you like. Not going to happen. Current monitors that cost less than an iMac are not all that good. An Apple monitor for $1299? No way.
    Wasn’t the 2.5K Thunderbolt Display $999?
    It was, and I still enjoy mine...
    A 4K USBC upgrade would be enough for me. Is 5K Apple's 'bag of hurt'...?
    I wish I felt like Apple was now being governed by enthusiasts vs money men...
    Does every movement become a business?
    Does every era have its day...?

  • The least surprising news of 2021: Facebook voted the worst company in America

    cpsro said:
    Microsoft is deemed No. 1, for briefly surpassing AAPL's market capitalization and quietly tracking users like a maniac, never mind the crap its cofounders have been doing.
    6 free tools that stop Windows 10 from spying on everything you do

    ... however if we wish to consider 'quietly' do the Apple CSAM revelations warrant consideration of a now annual (since 2011) 'os' seemingly increasingly reaching further with every release into all aspects of our digital lives ...?

    Will these pursuits (digital colonialism?) ultimately be defined as crimes against humanity...?
  • LG working on Pro Display XDR successor & 2 other high-end monitors, reportedly for Apple

    Hopefully these new rumours will materialize into thin and light in a beautiful (not plastic?) design that has either vesa or rotation as part of a stand in the smaller sizes. I too would have been happy with a 27" 4K (vs 5k) usb3 thunderbolt display in 2016... I still work @ 110dpi like the original 2010~2011 cinema display.