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  • All the features missing from iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey at launch

    "none of them launched complete, all of them lacked certain promised features"

    Should this raise the question of merit vs calendar based 'upgrades'...?

    Before 2011 (again) macOS upgrades seemed more merit based, and sometimes spanned more than two years,
    also adding to and legacy support 
    FileMakerFellermarc gllama
  • Apps can use full screen area around new MacBook Pro's camera notch

    3456 by 2234
    3840 by 2160 + a menu / notch
    It seems so close to 4K with all that GPU power...?
    Perhaps that is next year's 17" mbp upgrade... : )
  • New MacBook Pro with M1 Max processor will ditch Touch Bar, adopt MagSafe

    rcfa said:
    “I find your lack of Touch Bar disturbing…“

    The only thing that was ever bad about it, was the first iteration without a dedicated ESC-key; the second version fixed that, and from then on, the Touch Bar was a clear winner.

    The only other issue, which with Apple Silicon isn’t an issue anyway anymore, is that the Touch Bar wasn’t initialized during EFI booting, thus, if one did a Boot Camp boot into windows, and one needed to hit F1 to do a recovery boot before windows was fully up and the Touch Bar was configured by drivers, one was SOL, unless one had an external USB keyboard handy. But that’s really an edge case, and any crap keyboard for $10 would fix this, if really it ever was an issue. Apple Silicon won’t support Boot Camp anyway, so now even this issue is gone.

    In short, Apple is rumored to abandon a great feature at the very moment when actually all issues with it would finally have been resolved. How dumb is that? ߤ氟ﻦzwj;♂️
    No doubt it was good for some, however why was it never offered for desktop keyboards...?  I might guess cost ?
    I dabbled with Duet touch bar on iPad and found it was not useful for me, an expensive feature/repair risk and yet 'hostage' on MBP...?
    Would it be better with system wide availability (optionally or BTO) to be truly effective for those who want it...?

    My wish list also includes magsafe : ), a security slot, updated Airport Express/Time Capsule, Thunderbolt Display 4k and even a return of iWeb 4.0...
  • New App Store analytics provide developers deeper insight into app engagement

    Sounds like my anonymity is protected. So I'm still content.
    ... at the pleasure and mercy of Apple, for profit, and for now ...
  • The critics were impossibly wrong: Apple CEO Tim Cook was -- and is -- the right person fo...

    ...I used to look forward to Apple products, and would buy (b)leading edge... Now I hesitate until I have to.  It seemed through 2011 profit served design and the customer first, yet since increasingly has design served profit...?  Zeitgeist?  I don't know enough to comment on attribution (CEO) however I have no desire to own airpods that wear out after a few years, or a home speaker that is always listening and has no analogue input option, or a watch that syncs to a mac on a desk via servers in California (or any mac device), or be forced to pay for a touchbar on a laptop that I may never use (rumoured discontinued), or a pro that can't upgrade GPU, nor invest in any computer without flex in ram, storage, battery or macOS unless perhaps it is benefitting ultra compactness like the 12" macbook. That said as a shareholder I was rewarded, and the aesthetics of the latest hardware seem impressive, with kudos to the latest volley of iPhone and iPad mini redesigns, leaving me conflicted vs a raving fan for so many years... It can't be an easy gig, just wishing it felt more customer first on all fronts as it used to...