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  • Apple employees threaten to quit as company takes hard line stance on remote work

    ...make Apple great again...?
    (and I don't mean simply profitable)
    ....can some do their best 'flow' work in the dark mode hours of the night...?

    Is one key motivation, including meaningful work vs simply profitability and annual corporate calendar macOS cycle 'production'...?

    for consideration:

    Is this something an operations focussed leadership can understand...?
  • Apple now offers Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X Mountain Lion for free

    lkrupp said:
    Beats said:
    Cheapskates rejoice!
    Realize that there’s still a forum for OS 9 users too. Some people...
    Some abandoned applications offer function or legacy project access that is not only useful but arguably required by legal statute...
    Additionally some older hardware can continue to function well using legacy software / drivers vs ending up in recycling or landfill.
    This may include printers and plotters with orphaned drivers running off legacy print servers, for example.
    If I was an author I might still be OK with MacWrite on an SE30 with a large monitor and System 7.1
    Apple at one time required all apps to use similar commands and shortcuts for ease of use.  Ironic for a proprietary hardware company?
    Enter Adobe and the adopt, extend, extinguish digital colonialism of microsoft?
    I remember looking at Quark long ago and asking how could it possibly be meaningfully improved - it seemed perfect.
    Personally I find a remarkable purity in much legacy software, like visiting old friends, all sentimentality aside,
    and I have yet to find an easier (of use) web app than iWeb for example, with a perpetual license,
    as a sequel to PageMill, both of which did/do the 20% of things I need 80% of the time so well... Sigh...
  • Elgato Stream Deck review: A Mac accessory you didn't realize you need

    speaking of touch bar for desktop, may be an option for some...
  • Apple wants to replace passwords with your iPhone or Mac Apple now wants to store the world's passcodes on Patriot Act governed servers...?
    Biometric data, when we sleep, where we move (now even when our iOS is off), what we say, read, watch and listen to - is anything left...?
    Even with (if) the best of intentions does this concentration of data (digital colonialism?) put the world at increasing dependency & risk ?
    Is it an ironic evolution for the internet which I understand was originally conceived to fragment communication access for security reasons,
    yet potentially now becoming a source of infinite attack vectors to concentrations of digital data 'wealth'...?
  • Apple pays millions to end customer's explicit images leak lawsuit

    ... is this a good reminder to wipe a device (if possible) prior to servicing, and perhaps yet another argument for right to repair and user replaceable macOS storage drives ...?