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  • Philips Hue smart bulb allows hackers to attack your network

    The firmware update 1935144040 is for the hub, not the bulbs, and mine updated 1/23/2020. It's already rolled out for those using automatic updates. The Check Point site says, "It should be noted that more recent hardware generations of Hue lightbulbs do not have the exploited vulnerability." but they don't say how to know which bulb is which, at least not yet, or what percentage of Hue bulbs are vulnerable in the first place. Everyone seems to be reporting this slightly differently which is frustrating.
  • Apple repair policy critic vows to fight 'counterfeit' battery seizure by U.S. customs

    There just isn't enough information here to know what happened. One form of what customs considers counterfeit is overruns. For instance, a contract battery manufacturer is contracted to make 10,000 batteries but makes 11,000. They fulfill the order and then sell the remaining 1,000 on their own. But they don't really own the batteries so they can't sell them as if there are original batteries. If it was this kind of situation Rossman would claim they are authentic batteries, and functionally they are, but legally they are not. The battery guy could have marked the 1,000 overrun in some other way but they wouldn't be worth as much which is why they don't. They are trading on the corporate name that they spent zero dollars or time building. A lot of the counterfeit material is this kind of counterfeit.
  • Apple confirms iOS 12's 'USB Restricted Mode' will thwart police, criminal access [u]

    Other sites have reported that it is optional and while you are connected to a trusted device it will not cut off access.
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