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  • 'The Joe Rogan Experience' to ditch Apple Podcasts, YouTube for Spotify

    I watch a lot of Joe’s podcasts on YouTube via Apple TV. I skip some, but the majority are interesting. One thing I’ve noticed is the constant concern of being demonetized on YouTube. I’m sure this has something to do with the Spotify deal.
  • Google Maps turns 15, rolls out new app features

    I love the elegance of the Apple hardware and ecosystem. But let’s face it; They are behind in a lot of things. Seeing businesses and points of interest in Apple Maps compared to Google Maps is an embarrassment to Apple lovers. 

    How about giving $1 in ApplePay per newly tagged location to users. Of course people will try to cheat. There can be creative ways of dealing with that too. 

    You simply can’t keep using phrases like “best user experience” and “making the world better” when you are lagging behind with data.
  • Apple to face class action over MacBook butterfly keyboard

    I find myself being less of an Apple fanboy every day because of the political climate. But!; It brings me joy to know that innovation outweighed profit, if only for a moment. 

    Maybe they were wrong this time but how many times have been right and went unnoticed ?

    Apple, please keep guessing on what I will unknowingly love someday!

    I AM concerned in this post Jobs/Ive era.

  • 'iPhone SE 2' uses new flexible LCP antenna design claims Ming-Chi Kuo

    I used an iPhone 7 for a month and went back to my SE.
    I broke my SE and used an 8 for about a month and bought another SE.
    The size is perfect for me. I have an iPad and MacBook at home.
  • Quicken releases 2017 updates for Mac & iOS personal finance apps

    My Quicken file goes back to .... well, I stared it when I got my Proforma 6116. Once in a while it's nice to go back a decade or so and view a transaction. But, make no mistake, Quicken for Mac is a shit show. Maybe the Mac is still doesn't have a big enough market share to invest what it takes to make good software. That I get, but the forced upgrades and unstable releases show a egregious disdain for their customers. I'd love to see Apple add a financial app to what used to be called the iLife or iWork suite.