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  • Compared: Mac Studio versus Mac Pro

    Speaking of user-upgradeable, the Mac Pro's main draw is the fact that it can be configured with additional PCI Express or MPX Module cards. The Mac Studio, like other M-series Macs, doesn't support this level of modularity.
    And while this is true, I don't believe that it is much of an advantage. I wonder how many people who bought a Mac Pro have plugged anything into them apart from a video card. I would expect very few.
    Most people add to their machines through usb-c and Thunderbolt these days, and that is plenty fast enough for most use cases. Bus modularity is pretty much a thing of the past. Most manufacturers aren't going to invest the time to make peripherals that use a bus over a usb-c or Thunderbolt port. And they especially aren't going to make MPX modules with such a small market.
  • Epic Games CEO slams Apple 'government spyware'

    Its funny that everyone is calling Apple out on this, but don’t mention that this is already happening on other major cloud platforms. Why not call Amazon out as well. Also, Tim hasn’t mentioned that Epic’s owners, Tencent already surveil Chinese citizens. Having said that, I can appreciate the slippery slope concerns.
  • Epic Games admits its own developer agreements ban rule-breakers

    Epic called on Lori Wright, Microsoft's head of Xbox business development, to the stand to argue that consoles are highly specialized devices purpose-built for gaming, while iPhone is more of a general purpose product. Epic hammered home the fact that console makers need to appease developers because they sell hardware at a loss, unlike Apple. 

    Who cares if an iPhone is a general purpose product. As far as Epic is concerned, it is a games machine. I.e., the same as Xbox or Switch, and those platforms are tightly controlled.
  • Supreme Court argument casts doubt on Facebook, Twitter free speech rights

    jimh2 said:
    It becomes a bigger problem with company creates an agenda dictated by them. 
    Why is that a problem? Fox News has done that for years…
  • Apple denied Parler re-entry to the App Store despite guideline revision

    Yeah, this is a bad look for Apple. I have no desire to download Parler (other than the obvious "this is forbidden, I must have it" draw) but to say it's due to hate speech when you can find exactly that on several currently approved apps (as has been mentioned above: Twitter, Reddit, Facebook etc) is disingenuous at best.
    As has been said often (not sure who the original author is): "The tech industry needs to learn to distinguish between hate speech and speech they hate." This is clearly the latter.
    Ban FB, Twitter, and Reddit as well and I'll believe it.
    That’s just whataboutism. I agree that those social platforms need to do a better job, but they are making an effort. After all they banned Trump.