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  • Incoming Intel CEO demands better chips than 'lifestyle company in Cupertino'

    “ The previously dominant processor giant is slipping into obscurity fast, and the new CEO hopes the company can change course soon.”

    That is some grade A hyperbole. Intel certainly has some issues and is facing challengers in a way that it hasn’t in some time. That said they are still the dominant player in the processor world and are nowhere near obscurity. Their closest rival, AMD, doesn’t do anywhere close the volume that intel does. 

    What Apple is doing is largely irrelevant to Intel since Apple doesn’t sell their chips to the broader market. So even though Apple Silicone can out perform Intel it is only relevant to the Apple ecosystem which is just a tiny fraction of the broader chip market. 
    While other chip manufacturers have been able to steadily lower the feature size from 10nm to 7nm to 5nm, Intel have been postponing the move to 7nm for years. Their processors have been power hungry behemoths, with little increases in performance or power efficiency.

     If Windows makes a serious effort to move to ARM and have similar results as Apple, then the x86 ISA is dead and Intel aren’t relevant anymore.

    Intel are in big trouble.
  • Apple accused of allowing suppliers to break Chinese labor laws

    It’s not really a workable law given the massive swings in labor demand. While I agree with the spirit of the law, some leeway should be given to cater for times where demand peaks.
  • Apple's 'Fortnite' takedown will cause incalculable harm to users, says Epic

    I’m not sure how this is different from before and why a judge wouldn’t just say that to avoid the damage by reverting the app to how it was before.
     The damage is self-inflicted, and as such, can be remedied by Epic solely.
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  • DOJ to reportedly file antitrust lawsuit against Google in September

    Please stop trying to justify this as a political hit job on big tech, it's not.
    The timing, especially when they are not ready to argue the case, suggests that it is...
  • Lawsuit accusing entire computer industry of patent infringement fails on missed deadline

    The same guy filed a lawsuit against Intel in 2004 and it got thrown out in 2005.

    That lawsuit was more focused on what his patent was on, but obviously didn't warrant any merit. This latest lawsuit he is going after everybody in the hope that if you splash enough mud around, it might stick.

    Must be desperate.