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  • Scotland police don't seem to have any problem getting data off locked iPhones

    I just wanted to commend everyone on this site (commenters and moderators) for focusing on the technology and civil liberties aspects of this issue.

    I used to frequent another technology site as well, but their comments section has devolved into a cesspool of partisan politics.

  • Everything that has been said so far about Apple's 'iPhone SE 2'

    If these rumors are true Apple might have to re-learn that it was the size that made the SE popular, not the cheapness.
    harry wild
  • 'iPhone SE 2' not dead, but won't be the same size as the original says Ming-Chi Kuo

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    TomE said:
    My wife & others do not want a large iPhone.  They all want an SE2 form factor.  Easy to pocket and easy to hold.  On this - I think Apple has missed the importance.
    Nonsense! While that may be true for a small number of people, putting a phone in a pocketbook gives it a lot of room, even in a small pocketbook. The difference in phone size doesn’t matter. I see people with giant phones in their pockets all the time.

    so e people have made up their minds they don’t want big phones, and that’s ok, but the reasons I often see presented are ridiculous.
    Reasons = One-handed use, palm balance, and comfort.  I use an iPhone 8 for work and an SE for home.  The difference is noticeable and can be appreciated in a side-by-side comparison.  My eyes are fine and I can see the smaller screen without much issue, and the beauty of the iPhone has always been the innovative "pinch-to-zoom" functionality that makes what is too small larger.
    Again though, very few people want those small phones. That’s really all it comes down to.
    I think you need to separate screen size from the external form factor.   When all screens had bezels they increased lineraly together.   But the introduction of no-bezel screens changed that equation.   Now we can have both: a larg(er) screen in "small" phone. 

    I very much hope that this rumor is false and Apple is not dropping an A13 into an iPhone 8 and calling it an "SE" -- that would be simply propagating what is now obsolete technology.   Putting a no-bezel screen into an SE sized phone gives you both a bigger screen in a smaller phone.
    Except that there is no evidence that enough people want that. Why do you think Apple discontinued the model rather than continuing to update it? If it was so popular, Apple would have known that. But as I said above, those who want these small phones have an outsized representation, because they lurk in all the forums, and come out when this topic comes up. We see a number of people here who are new, and joined just for this topic. It’s the same with the keyboard people. They tried to make it sound that many millions wanted them, but they didn’t. I’m convinced the same is true for a small phone. Some people want one, but not enough.
    The only one I see lurking and coming out all over this post is yourself.  Why so much hatred for this phone?  You have a sizeable percentage of the posts on this topic.
    If you look at the number of posts I have, you would know that I never lurk. Perhaps you don’t understand what lurk means?

    i have no hatred for the SE. that’s your own misinterpretation. I just point out the obvious, which you would know if you bothered to read, and try to understand my posting.

    if a lot of people wanted a phone of that size, enough would have been bought for Apple to continue making it. Apple did try with the SE, in response to those saying how much they wanted one. But apparently there weren’t as many as it may have seemed, so Apple discontinued it. It that so hard to understand?
    You have over 10% of the posts on this thread, repetitively slamming a phone that has sold millions and wanking about people who enjoy that phone.   That is definitely hatred.
  • Apple replaces 3D Touch with Haptic Touch on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

    I like the vast majority of things Apple does but 3D touch was always a stupid gimmick, and now it’s gone!
  • A higher-end AirPods revision would fill a market niche nicely

    I would pay extra for the ability to use airpod internals with a silicone impression of my inner ear, similar to high end custom molded earplugs and hearing aids.