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  • Apple's new 'pro' Thunderbolt 4 and six-foot USB-C cables are bad, and you shouldn't buy t...

    There's no disclaimer on this AWFUL "article" saying that y'all make a commission on each of those links y'all posted...
    Total click bait...
    "Hey ya'll don't buy Apple cables because they suck and we won't even truly tell you why, but ya'll really need to buy these other cables that we're telling you are better, oh and be sure to buy from that link we reason...just click it...c'mon"
  • Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs Apple Watch Ultra - Specs, price, and features, compared

    Another good point is that the Watch has a significantly lower resale value compared to the iPhone. If I could get a 57% trade-in value for the Watch, I would probably do it.
    What are you talking about? You can EASILY resell the first gen Ultra for 57% of original value. Unless that was a typo and you meant 75%. In that case, you could still possibly get that for it. I see people selling theirs for $600 all over the place right now. The ultra is almost in line with the iPhone Pro on resell value. 

    And I'm not talking TRADE IN value. If you're trading in your Apple gear to APPLE, you either don't really care how much you get for it or you aren't very bright. Trading in your iPhone to your carrier could be a good deal with their inflated trade in values, but then you're locked into 3 years with that carrier and no real upgrade potential for those three years.
  • iPhone 15 Pro has faster 5G downloads -- assuming you've got good coverage

    And they're getting this data from where? From the select few Apple employees who both have a iPhone 15 pro/pro max test unit and are also using this particular speed test service which I have never even heard of? So these tests were likely concentrated in very particular areas, and there may have been a grand total of 3 users using this particular speed test service. Why would any Apple employee even use "SpeedSmart" to test their phone?
    I would not be surprised if the performance is actually better from last year, but this conclusion is extremely premature, unscientific, and a total conjecture. 
  • Apple's iPhone 15 & Apple Watch event -- what we loved, and didn't

    Why wasn’t the Watch SE updated?
    The 2nd gen SE was released 2 years after the 1st gen SE. So following the same pattern would have the 3rd gen SE come 2 years after the 2nd gen SE, which would not be until next year.
  • Apple's new 'pro' Thunderbolt 4 and six-foot USB-C cables are bad, and you shouldn't buy t...

    Y'all don't even put in the article how much the Apple offerings are! 
    WTF? The ONLY reason y'all cite for them being "bad" is the price, yet I have absolutely no idea what the prices for them are after reading the article (before doing MY OWN research to find out)
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