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  • Apple pulls the plug on wrestling series 'Monster Factory' after lackluster first season

    I had to cancel my Apple TV+. I can't believe my cable company jacked up their internet service price drastically. Keeping Netflix and Crunchyroll (for my son) for now. On top of that, just don't have time to watch them all.
    That's interesting, I currently have almost all of the streaming services, and if I had to cut back, Netflix would definitely be the first to go. I do have Apple One Premier though since iCloud storage and Apple Music are a must have for my family and with all the extra services built in it makes it absolutely worth it.
  • Apple TV+ cancels 'High Desert' after only one season

    This is sad, I really really liked that show. And it had so much potential for more seasons. And it has a very noteworthy 70% (critics) and 79% (audience) score on Rotten Tomatoes. While they chose to renew crap like Invasion with a 45%/48% RT rating. Make it make sense.
  • Leaked cases show off iPhone 15 Pro design changes in detail

    How anyone would benefit from a mute switch that no longer shows its status at a glance is beyond me, but if these rumors are true, hopefully the wisdom will become evident when the phones are announced and released.
    I haven't moved my mute switch from the mute position since I got the phone. I've had all my various iPhones on mute for probably at least 10 years now, only very rarely changing it momentarily. I strongly believe that the majority of people are the same, especially all but the older generations. 
    This will be a much welcomed change if they are actually changing it to an action button that you can program to do anything you want. An absolutely useless switch for most will now be an infinitely useful shortcut button for all. Those that still want it to function as a mute button can use that as their shortcut for the new button. Yeah, you won't be able to look at the switch to see if its muted or not anymore, but progress always has its "costs," you'll get over it. 
  • Apple Vision Pro could help surgeons see vital data during operations

    No hospital is going to rely on an Apple consumer product for a safety critical task such as surgery.
    They wouldn't be "relying" on it per se, they'd be using it as an optional tool to help out in certain situations. If anything whatsoever were to go wrong or feel off about it, they can have a nurse pull the goggles off within 2 seconds and continue on "old school". 

    I think before these make it to live surgery however, they will be MUCH more useful in training scenarios for surgeons.
  • Apple Park faces WGA strike on first day of WWDC

    Can one company agree to their terms or negotiate with them one on one rather than waiting for the whole industry to negotiate an agreement? If so, Apple should give them favorable terms and get them to end the strike against only Apple. Then Apple would be the only production company actually producing scripted fiction in the entire industry and it could work out in Apple's favor. We know they have the near-limitless pocketbook to do so. I honestly don't know if this is even feasible or if I'm being naive here, but to me it sounds like that could be a good path for Apple.