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  • Congress officially acknowledges Apple's unfair labor practices and union-busting tactics

    It doesn't cease to amaze me the number of corporate-billionaire bootlickers on this forum. They don't give one shit about you, yet you get all up in arms to defend them. How dare people barely making a living wage and burdened with corporate BS, be allowed to advocate for their own wealth and well being from the richest corporation in all of history. 
  • Apple inching closer to one billion paid subscriptions

    What do they count as subscriptions? For example I have one subscription, Apple One Family. But, actually, that is made up 6 different Apple services. Also, my "one" subscription is shared among 5 different people. So for this 1 Billion number, would my family count as 1 subscription, 6 subscriptions, or 30 subscriptions?
  • Apple adds 20 new games to its Apple Arcade catalog

    I wonder what farming simulator + is all about. I love farming sim and have preordered FS23.
    Most of the games that have a + added to the end are almost the exact same game that is available individually in the app store without the + on the title. The + versions, though, are completely free and no in app purchases either, when you have an Apple Arcade subscription.
  • Apple accused of stalling union negotiations with Apple Towson employees

    Apple doesn’t have to agree to those negotiations. The union can push as hard as they want and apple is free to say no to what they push for. 

    It’s crazy that class-action bullying is legal in the corporate sector. 
    Wow that's certainly a hot take. You must be a Mr Big CEO making the $millions, fully entrenched in western late stage capitalism, bootlicker to the oligarchs who don't give a single F about you. So nice of you to shill for the largest corporation in the whole of human history, who's sole purpose is to make more money for the shareholders. 

    You're certainly right in that Apple is free to say no to what the union wants. But to simp for the "corporate sector" being "bullied" by a "class action". WOW what a spicy characterization. You want unions outlawed because those poor corporations don't stand a chance if they give their peasant workers any rights or respect, huh? Poor poor Apple, HOW DARE their workers try to negotiate for better working conditions/benefits/pay.

    Honestly F Apple for continuing to be so hostile to their workers and their legally protected union activities.
  • GM ditching CarPlay & Android Auto for Google-built infotainment system

    illrigger said:
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    That's Volvo/Polestar, Nissan/Mitsubishi/Renault, GM, Ford/Lincoln, Honda/Acura, VW Group, and now Chevrolet that are all-in on Android Automotive, with several others using it as their base without the Google services.

    It's not shocking, it's all about money. Apple's Carplay integration requires the carmakers to still develop a local OS and GUI for those who don't have an iPhone, and presumably they have to pay Apple some licensing fees on top. Android Automotive *is* the operating system so no external reliance needs to be assumed, and presumably Google is both aiding in integration and probably covering part of the costs. In the end, automakers get a cohesive car OS that has top-notch navigation and all the apps people want, and Google does all the work for them.

    In a day when the software that runs the car is as important if not more so as the hardware, anything that makes the job easier and cheaper for carmakers is going to get their money. Apple dropped the ball here by focusing on making people need to buy more of their products instead of working with the automakers to give them what they need, and Google has been more than happy to pick it up and run it home.

    Apple CarPlay is 100% free to automakers.   They do not pay a dime

    Not sure where you get that idea. Carplay accessory development is covered under the MFi program.

    MFi Program (

    It places all kinds of restrictions on automakers and requires them to jump through all kinds of hoops to get their products approved.
    It may be a part of the MFi program, but car manufacturers DO NOT pay Apple a fee to license car play in any way whatsoever. Yes, they must make sure their infotainment center can properly display CarPlay, and that's where the manufacturers' job and time/money spent ends. It is a negligible development cost.