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  • How to make Google automatically delete the data it stores about you [u]

    Ah, the irony of making a video describing how to manage Google's problematic privacy options... and hosting it on YouTube.
  • August's HomeKit support for smart doorbells not coming anytime soon

    Notsofast said:
    It's long past time for Apple to offer home security cameras for Doorbells, etc.  I know Apple doesn't want to scare aware companies by introducing competing products, but home security is just too important to leave it in the hands of Amazon, Google and the rest of the field, especially as their offerings are not only excluding HomeKit, but they are buggy, poor overall quality, and about as ugly as you can get in terms of design.  
    In just about any other IoT area I'd disagree, but with this one I'm with you 100%. Home or facilities security stuff needs to come from a highly-trusted brand in terms of reliability, privacy, security, and ease of use. There aren't many companies that fit that bill.

  • August's HomeKit support for smart doorbells not coming anytime soon

    Apple needs to step up their game with HomeKit in many areas. There are a lot of things I would like to do with it, but just can't because of various limitations. There are frequent issues with scheduled tasks not running for unknown reasons. I really want to do more with home automation and Apple is the only company I trust to be the hub of something like that, but HomeKit looks / feels and has the capabilities that I'd expect from some other company's alpha-test level product. It's frankly just bad by any standard and light-years away from what I would expect from Apple.

  • Apple again sends users unsolicited push notification, advertises Apple Music compatibilit...

    I've thought for some time now that the day that Apple purchased Beats and seriously delved into the content industry will go down as the day Apple lost its soul. The iPhone Music app fine for using Apple Music streaming, but it seems to want to fight you over managing and using your own music. At that point, it's not longer an iPhone - it's an Apple Phone. The "i" is ... maybe not gone, but it's being shown the door. The trend isn't just limited to the Music app. The iPhone (and Apple Watch) seem to want to decide what I want to do at any given moment, and they do a very poor job of it. Sadly, as the hardware begins to mature and no longer sustains aggressive update cycles (as happens in any industry), expect this to get much, much worse. Hopefully Apple finds their way back at some point, or at least stops trying to ram this down our throats Microsoft-style.
  • Maryland man without backup sues Adobe over Premiere Pro file-eating bug

    Can everyone quit slagging the guy for not having sufficient backup? Should he have had it? Definitely. But there's absolutely, positively zero excuse for vendors like Adobe (and Microsoft last month with the Windows 10 update) playing so absurdly fast and loose with customer data. These software vendors are forcing their customers into far more expensive subscription pricing models in a vain attempt to maintain revenue growth and correspondingly high stock prices for just a little bit longer, which is sketchy enough, but they're also getting much worse at quality control in the process, which is flat-out evil. Adobe has been one of the worst custodians of IT quality and security in the history of computing with their egregiously and shamelessly poor stewardship of the Flash plugin. Microsoft infamously fired most of their QA personnel a few years ago in order to foist that work onto their "insider" fan base, which has made their extremely poor reputation in that are decline even further. Yes, users do stupid things, but in cases like this we need to focus hard on the deeply evil neglect that certain software vendors have had for our data as well.