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  • Tim Cook calls FBI backdoor demand 'dangerous,' vows to fight case

    Simple: Don't shoot-to-kill suspects/criminals, and then you have legal means at your disposal to unlock the phone.
  • Apple stock closes first negative year since 2008, but Wall Street upbeat

    sog35 said:
    Apple needs a completely new IR team, and a radically different messaging strategy when it comes to major market moves.

    Right now, both are frustratingly disappointing, especially given the remarkable fundamentals of the business.
    Agree 100%

    Either Tim Cook needs to hire some new people who can articulate Apples vision and counter Wall street FUD or he needs to resign.

    2015 was the most profitable year for any company in the history of man. Yet the stock is down 5% for the year. The main reason is because Cook failed to control the message of the company. The entire investing community views Apple as a one trick pony with a trick that has peaked. This is so far from the truth.  Apple has so many current and future revenue streams to easily double revenue from this point.  But Cook has failed at convincing Wall Street that iPad, Watch, AppleTV, ApplePay, Apple Car, Beats, Apple Music, ect have a bright future and can add hundreds of billions in future revenue.

    Amazon CEO was able to convince Wall Street that Cloud services would be huge. But Amazon cloud generates less than $1 billion in profit. Apple Watch profits dwarf Amazon cloud. But Cook refuses to release Watch figures so Wall street gives Watch zero credit.

    Something is wrong with Apple's investor relations. I can't even speak to a live person.  I call the number and all you can do is leave a message.  I left 3 messages and no one called back. I mean what the fuck.  I have tens of thousands invested and they can't even return a fucking phone call?

    Wall Street totally disrespects Tim Cook and pisses on his face. Various analysist have flatout called Tim Cook a liar and a cheat. Other said he was breaking SEC rules and manipulating numbers. WTF.  You never hear this kind of shit directed at Google/Amazon/Microsoft CEO.  Only Cook. Whatever he is doing, he is doing it wrong.
    Not to sound cynical, but this performance works out pretty favorably for Apple's stock buyback program.