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  • Apple MacBook Pro saves man from bullet in Florida airport shooting

    I would trade just about anything I own to stop a bullet from hitting me, including my brand new MBP___lucky guy, terrible that some weren't so fortunate. In lighthearted news, had he had a note 7 he would have been able to hurl it like a grenade at the guy. Also, terrible state we leave the men and women in that defend our freedom, Including my right to be a dimwit on multiple mac related forums.
  • HMD Global aims to reclaim Nokia's lost cellphone glories, will fight Apple and Samsung

    While not impossible to take on Apple and samsung....no wait, it might be impossible
  • Apple's Ive and Newson unveil unadorned fir trees for Claridge's Christmas installation

    lkrupp said:
    That just looks boring and uninspired.  Christmas is a season of celebration and joy (and this is explicitly called the Claridge CHRISTMAS tree installation).  

    There is nothing about that setup that makes me feel joyful.  Complete fail by Ive.  Ive is usually really good about tying function and design, but this just looks like some shallow attempt to produce something "chic."
    In a huge fan of Ive's work and have been for a long time. 

    But it I agree here. 

    Great design relates to the purpose. This does not. 

    Does it it look nice? Sure. 

    But it it's almost spooky. Not celebratory. 

    You two sound those anonymous bozos on YouTube criticizing the performance of a Chopin Mazurka by Arthur Rubinstein.
    Excellent example of nonsense!
  • Disaffected Apple Upgrade Program customers can now call support for iPhone 7 order help

    joe28753 said:
    Can someone point me to where, in the annual upgrade agreement, that it states that you are entitled to a launch day phone?.... Yeah, it doesn't.  So please stop crying.  
    I was wondering this too. When did they ever advertise the program as a way to get first-in-line priority status? They never guaranteed a launch day upgrade did they? The purpose of the program is simply to offer a financing option for your new devices each year, but you'd still be subject to the first come, first served.
    People still don't understand that we weren't able to order at all? Smh
  • Apple Upgrade Program participants complain of no stock, scheduling problems

    Whether this was Apple's intention or not from what I'm seeing on social media a lot of iPhone Upgrade Program members feel like they should have first dibs on stock and are pissed that the phone they wanted is showing November availability. The whole point of the program is to be able to get a new phone after 12 months, not 14 or 15. Heck I just got an email from Apple this morning telling me I'm eligible for an upgrade. I'd like to see Apple communicate this better. If there's nothing special about this program and you might not be able to upgrade until after 13 or 14 months it would be nice to know,
    I keep telling people in other forums. First come first serve is fine! That's how it should be! We were not even given the chance to order, cannot order, and were told to come back Friday. How would you feel if you woke up or stayed up to order and couldn't even get a spot in the line? That's the issue here....we don't want preferential treatment, we just want to be able to order and try to get it before it sells out like everybody else. We were denied that opportunity.