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  • Phil Schiller: New MacBook Pro has more orders from Apple than any other pro model ever

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    Well, there's a lot of pent-up demand because they haven't updated for so long. 

    Let's see how the sales look after 6 months. 
    But if this thing is as bad as people have been saying it is, then no one would buy it. They'll wait for the next one, or move to Windows as folk here have said they would. I mean if you cannot POSSIBLY work in anything less than 32GB of RAM then the machine is useless to you. 

    I suspect the real reason is that Apple knows more about its customers than we do. 
     The iHaters are just moving the goalposts now. In six months they'll say "well let's see if it's still selling in a year!". 
    Negative people are much more likely to rant and rave on web forums. They want everybody to be as miserable as they are. Then tech bloggers chime in to spin the negatives as the majority opinion. Happens all the time on AI. Then sales figures come out to refute their negativity... which just makes the negative commenters even angrier. They start calling people who bought the product stupid losers. Happens all the time on AI. The 3.5mm headphone jack is the perfect example. Now comes the MacBook Pro, then the AppleTV. Oh, and Intel is now on their radar. Notice the carping and blathering about Intel’s CPUs holding back Apple? The “other” solution is always the best with this crowd. “If only Apple would...” is the omnipresent meme.
    I find it very amusing how many people here are blinded by their loyalty to Apple while those of us who use a computer for real work are getting the shaft. I have owned every Apple Power Mac and now 2012 Mac Pro since the 8600. The Trash can Mac Pro was the beginning of the end. A PRO machine has ports that are still used by almost every professional in the industry. USB2, HDMI, are not something from the computer graveyard of yesterday. A Pro machine doesn't need a bag of dongles to make it functional. A PRO machine can be configured to meet your needs. A Pro machine does not have to cost one third more than a Windows machine, which by the way can't even be found with the same limitations in this price range. I hope all of you apologists are happy paying so much for the eye candy.  I also have a 2012 MacBook Pro and I am thankful that I have it, because it may be my last. OS X will be hard to leave behind. And thats the problem for many. And yes, I'm angry. I'm angry that a company that I love has turned away from the people who kept it alive before the iPhone.
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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook bullish on augmented reality, says company investing in AR tech

    Before we start on another technology, lets fix the ones you have available already. Just ask Siri. Oh, wait, I can't help you with that.
  • Apple's iPhone is no Blackberry: a closer look at AI and the world's biggest company

    Marco and his friends also stress that apple can no longer write software that they like using. They don't like photos, music, etc. 
    They are VERY down on apple
    I'm sorry but as a long time Apple fan and user of all things Apple, I have to agree with Marco.
    First of all, Siri sucks, plain and simple. Most of the people I know have stopped using it completely.
    El Capitan is a solid release, but Yosemite was awful, and iCloud is anything but intuitive.
    The entire iCloud team should get jobs with Microsoft because it works like something out of Redmond.
    And speaking of Microsoft, why are we trying to extend the look, feel, and operation of iOS onto OSX?
    If I want an iPad, I'll buy one. Lets not make the same mistake.
    Photos, well, there isn't enough room on this page…...
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