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  • Amateur performers embrace VR porn on Apple Vision Pro

    rickwil61 said:
    This is really disgusting. Yet another way to cheapen the marital act!
    LOL at the puritan who thinks sex has anything to do with marriage.
    Sex inside a healthy marriage is a powerful force for good.  It creates families and strengthens the bond between the husband and wife which contributes to a stable home for children to grow up in.  Can you tell me what sex outside of marriage has accomplished?  Notice that I’m not questioning anybody’s right to do it because they have the right. My question is what good has come from such behavior?
    What good is coming from your behaviour on this forum? Are you doing God’s work by annoying the Bejesus out of people and driving them away? 

    Or are you just enjoying it? 
  • Amateur performers embrace VR porn on Apple Vision Pro

    stating the utterly obvious
  • EU questions whether Apple has changed anything after its $1.95 billion fine

    avon b7 said: There is definitely consumer harm: Anti-steering.
    Anti-steering has always been flimsy in regards to consumer harm and the EU knows it.
    You will be filing an appeal on Apple's behalf, I take it? 
  • EU questions whether Apple has changed anything after its $1.95 billion fine

    rob53 said:
    As I've said many times before, people have plenty of choices on what products they want to buy. If you don't like Apple's way of doing things go with an Android platform or demand a company in the EU to build a new platform. Just because Apple's platform is the one many people want to use doesn't mean the EU has any right to tell Apple what to do. If you don't like what Apple is doing, find another platform. It's just like wine. If you don't want to pay for wine made in the EU, then grow your own, which the USA has done. 
    And in Rob53istan, where Rob53 decides what laws are made and what those laws should mean, that's the way it works. I'm a little surprised that in Rob53istan, the lawmakers don't have any rights to tell companies that operate there what to do and what not. Maybe the ruler of Rob53istan doesn't understand what laws are, how they work, and why they exist? 

    At any rate, in all other places, including the very real European Union, it is not Rob53 who decides how laws work and to whom they apply. 
  • Apple rolls out minor updates to iWork apps

    Wow. Didn’t discontiguous text selection use to be a feature back around 2010?