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  • Apple raises iPhone prices outside US and China

    Given the new pricing, it looks like a trip to cheapo Switzerland might be worth it then (yeah I live a day trip away). Then again 14 Pro is not giving enough reason to upgrade from my 12 Pro, so no reason to hurry. (No longer willing to buy devices with the old fashioned Lightening port any longer to begin with).

    The iPhones are actually more expensive in Switzerland than in Germany — once you strip the VAT (7.7% in Switzerland and 19% in Germany). 

    Add to that that you actually have to pay VAT and customs duties when you import one into your own country — unless of course you’re intending to smuggle one through customs. But at least here, those factors are instantly doubled if you get caught. 
  • Apple isn't done with 2022 -- here's what's still coming

    I'm amazed that people are so blissfully unaware of what happened to the dollar-Euro exchange over the past year and a half. 
  • TikTok monitors everything users type when using in-app browser

    For context, Meta (Facebook, Instagram) injects JavaScript to track users (regardless of "Do Not Track" settings) into all pages loaded in the in-app browsers. 

    It would not surprise me if they're monitoring keystrokes. They certainly monitor every single keypress within their apps otherwise. 

  • Apple is just getting started with Apple Silicon

    xyzzy-xxx said:
    Intel just announced support for WiFi 7, Apple is even late with WiFi 6E. I would really like Apple to deliver superior chips, but once Intel has access to advanced chip manufacturing (from TSMC or their own) I fear that Apple (with all the staff fluctuations) will be not able to compete in the long term.
    Apple is doomed. 

    DOOMED, I say! 
  • Apple is just getting started with Apple Silicon

    tundraboy said:
    Apple's market penetration of the PC marketplace has been stuck under 10% for over 25 years. One way Apple tried to remedy this in the 1990s was to grant licenses to other companies to build Mac clones.
    WIKIPEDIA: From early 1995 through mid-1997, it was possible to buy PowerPC-based clone computers running Mac OS, most notably from Power Computing and UMAX. However, by 1996 Apple executives were worried that high-end clones were cannibalizing sales of their own high-end computers, where profit margins were highest.[18]

    A total of 33 companies made Mac clones, fully licensed. Apple could take this approach again if it wants to crack the 10% market penetration of MacOS. There's no need for anyone to ridicule me for suggesting this, as I'm already sure nobody will agree with me that Apple should try this again. However what's different this time around is that many countries are hassling Apple for not allowing competition on their devices, and if Apple licensed other manufacturers to build hardware clones and/or to replace the OS on Apple's devices, that would likely reduce the cries of "monopoly."

    Charges of 'monopoly' have been leveled against the iPhone not Macs.  At 10% market share, Macs are in no danger of being accused of monopolizing the personal computing market.
    Also, any developer is free to offer software for Macintosh outside the App Store.