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  • How Apple's Files app is getting better in iOS 16 & iPadOS 16

    Still no option to always keep a local copy for specific files/folders? That's the single most sorely missing feature for me. 
  • Apple is just getting started with Apple Silicon

    As an owner of a 2019 MBP 16” Intel do I need to worry about Apple not supporting it anytime soon? 
    I think you can probably expect the 2023 release of macOS to be the last one supported on your machine, with vital security updates following for another two years or so after that. 
  • Apple had a M1 Mac Pro, but decided to wait for M2 Extreme

    danox said:
    What is Apple waiting for? No one currently in tech matches the M-series family of SOC/CPU’s yet Apple seemly can’t or won’t release a coherent range of computers at the same time, it like marketing is making all the decisions, the ENERGY efficiency of these chips screams pressing the advantage aggressively while you have it, it’s like Intel is still there pressing the chip buttons.

    The so-called competition Intel, Qualcomm, AMD, NVIDIA, yes even Microsoft are scrambling in the background for an answer to this disruptive combination of in house OS and SOC hardware.


    This step forward won’t last the competition is three to five years behind, because some need to start from the ground up.

    Those three ex Apple guy’s currently at Qualcomm are right about Arm servers high wattage as the first solution is the past.

    The amount of energy you use in servers is becoming even more critical.

    Now isn’t the time for two steps forward and one step back.
    Two things: 

    1.) Have you been living under a rock the last two years? Developing a fantasy product and being able to ship it are two completely different things in the best of times. These are not the best of times for anybody manufacturing anything, right now. 

    2.) Apple used to build servers. They did in the 90s, and stopped, because it just wasn't their business. They did again in the 00s, and stopped, because it just wasn't their business. 
    2b.) To further gauge their current interest in offering servers, remember that they used to make a server version of OS X…which they eventually condensed into a service package application…which they discontinued late last year. 

    They're fine with people repurposing their machines as servers, but they're really not into designing specifically for that market. They could sell millions, sure — but what good is selling millions if you're already having trouble shipping what people are buying now, and those millions more you'd sell would hardly make you money due to the cut-throat margins and long-term service agreements? There's a lot more to the server market than just power-efficient boxes and a robust OS. 
  • Bill to boost US chip manufacturing clears Senate hurdle

    hexclock said:
    rob53 said:
    TJJ said:
    This is great news if it goes according to plan and if the money is actually used for its intended purpose. We will most assuredly see prices go up here in the United States for computers, Phones and Cars or anything that uses and utilizes these Chips. Currently they are manufactured cheaper outside the United States with cheaper labor costs. As long as the quality and craftsmanship is high then I don’t mind paying more as long as we can stay competitive or surpass other countries. And… if it will create more jobs here in the United States then that is obviously a good thing.
    Labor is less but China has the majority of raw materials for chips within its border so much less importing than US companies would do. I hope China is watching its hazardous waste stream because this is a huge cost in the US unless trump got rid of all the controls. 
    China cares little for its hazardous waste stream. 
    That has been changing, and when stuff needs to change, China, as a dictatorship, is in a position to change it quickly.
  • Customer receives M2 MacBook Air a full day before launch

    rob53 said:
    What? No initial review from him yet???? I’m wondering if the MBA will use two NAND storage chips instead of one for base model. Also hope the two TB ports use separate channels so each have full power. 
    It's a single 256 GB chip, as per Apple spokesperson interviewed by The Verge.