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  • Apple's diversity efforts are 'selfish & practical' says head of developer relations

    DeSantis just comes off to me as someone who enjoys being cruel.
    In that case you should probably get better informed before spouting your opinionated feelings. Disney made a choice to get involved in a political issue they had zero business being in. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. 
  • Rumored 15-inch MacBook Air release could be in April or May

    timmillea said:
    Americans are always blind-sided by a desire to have everything bigger. The MBA is designed to be small, light and fit in an envelope. A "15-inch" MBA would be a similar crime against sensibilities as the Mac Studio. We don't need another monstrous carbuncle. Apple has soiled it reputation enough. Small. light, thin and great battery life. If you want a bigger display just plug it into one. If these rumours are true, it appears even common sense is in short supply at Apple. 
    I think the appeal of a 15” MBA is for customers who are plenty happy with the current MBA power but just want a bigger screen. Right now the only option for a bigger screen is to get a Pro at a much higher starting price. That said, I would have expected that a 15” MBA would retain an M2, not an M2 Pro.
  • Apple holds premiere for climate change drama 'Extrapolations'

    Extrapolating is about the only thing the global warming cabal has been doing the past thirty years; and getting it wrong every time. 
  • Apple reportedly won't launch new M2 Macs until 2023

    simply258 said:
    I guess I'll keep using my 2011 Mac mini that just keeps chugging along (with SSD and memory upgrades) for a bit longer. Waiting for an M2 model at this point.
    Same here, on a 2011 iMac maxed at 16GB RAM but with an HHD. It's no slug and with an SSD I think will run even better. But the issue is it is getting less software support, it is stuck on 10.13 High Sierra, only supports MS Office up to 2019 and even within that it doesn't support newer updates on 2019, I just got a Google Drive notification that my OS will be unsupported soon, and it keeps going on. So basically we are being forced to upgrade to newer machines, and I was hoping for an M2 iMac or Mac mini which would suit my office setup.
    Your machine will run DRAMATICALLY better with an SSD.  Kind of surprised you’re running a spinner, especially considering how cheap SSDs have become.  But like you said, your software is aging out so not really worth improving the hardware at this point. 
    That must be such a huge upgrade in experience - you won’t believe how smooth as butter your M2 Mac Mini will run vs what you have now.
    Not as huge as you think. Even an older Mac with an SSD is still snappy. My 2010 iMac with an SSD has consistently run faster than the spinner-equipped computers I’ve been stuck with at my two main jobs over the last decade. But, as stated above, a lot of software is aging out so I’m looking forward to the M2 Mini. 
  • Microsoft's next event is around when the Mac & iPad event is expected

    oldenboom said:
    I have stopped watching the Keynotes some years ago. Sometimes I skim through the Keynote quickly. It seems just iterations, it seems nothing really spectacular. Yes, the M1 was spectacular but it just confirmed what was already leaked. Those "One more thing" topics are still legendary. Just watching them again brings  back memories. I don't recall any of the recent Keynotes but I do recall quite some of those One More Things topics.
    Like you, I skim through Keynotes to hit the highlights. Jobs was an outstanding presenter simply because he was comfortable doing it. He didn’t appear forced. He didn’t stand with his feet wide apart like everyone in Apple events does now (who on earth came up with that idea?). He just talked conversationally about the products that he loved making. He was genuinely excited about them. Not that the current team aren’t.  If anything, they’re too excited, too happy, about them. I miss the good ‘ol days.