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  • M3 MacBook Air vs M2 MacBook Air -- Compared

    It's fair to say that Apple's update to the MacBook Air line is muted.”

    What were you expecting? I think this update falls in line exactly with what Apple has done in the past.  If anything it’s nice to see them get the 15” updat in sync with the 13.
  • Apple's annual shareholder meeting tackling conservative fears, China, equality, & AI

    Holy cow the comments about conservatives are at the same time hilarious, astonishing, and dreadful.  You guys seem to have no idea what you’re talking about, plain and simple.  I’m not surprised that we can’t have a debate across the political divide today, because when you describe conservative voters as “radicalized”, you’re labeling a group of citizens based labels and name calling, not on the fundamental ideas and policies they champion. 
  • Decade-old Apple Car project may be completely dead

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    i think this was just too big of a challenge for apple

    maybe those staff can have another go on the AirPower 
    No. This was an excellent decision. Apple should stay as far away from the automotive industry as possible.
    Perhaps they should have made “decision” 10 years ago.  It seems pretty clear that electric car sales have stalled along with possibly interest in them from large majority of consumers.  Cold weather battery issues and heavy tire wear of EV’s are just 2 of their problems. The hybrid approach is gaining ground while current ICE cars are not going anywhere anytime soon and other fuel technologies could be available to more consumers soon?  It seemed that Apple would only have been interested in a full electric vehicle, correct?  If so, could these latest market trends have been the final straw so to speak for Apple to end whatever they have been doing?
    Somewhat surprisingly your post is the first to discuss what’s been going on in the EV market over the last 6 months. Apple is canceling the car because reality just set in across the EV auto landscape: all the rich people who want one have largely bought one, government subsidies have mostly run out, repair costs are abysmal on an EV because even the slightest accident can cause fire risk in the battery, leading to increased insurance costs, and public charging costs have gone up.  Of course there’s the ever-present issue of long charge times/range anxiety/charge station availability. EV’s are the first large scale product that the public is having to deal with and consider in their economic choices in the government mandated “green revolution”, and the EV’s are losing.
  • Apple Board of Directors shuffle sees Al Gore & James Bell retire

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    That’s President Al Gore you’re speaking of and he deserved to be on the BoD.
    Please enlighten us as to his contribution?

    "An Inconvenient Truth" is considered a seminal work on climate change and bringing attention to it the general public.  Apple changed the industry to consider "performance/watt" instead of just raw performance.  Apple has been pushing green initiatives and recycling in a higher profile way than any other large tech company and probably any other corporation period.  It pervades their entire image.  
    An Inconvenient Truth is a pile of pseudoscience. It was debunked the moment it was released.  Please, get your information from reliable sources. Al Gore isn’t one.
  • Apple's climate change efforts far exceed rivals, says environmental report

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    I like technology companies (and their suppliers) that work to make sure the planet is still livable for me and future generations.
    Perhaps you are not aware of the enormous increase in mining we will need in order to live the renewable energy dream, and the environmental toll it will take, along with the problem of disposing of all these spent batteries, solar panels, and turbine blades in the future. 
    It’s just not as cut and dried as they make it seem. 

    No, you were misinformed. Fossil fuel waste is about 3 orders of magnitude more than renewables, at least. That's not 3x, that's 1000x more. Here is an example comparing coal ash waste to solar panel waste for the next 30 years.

    The biggest issue is not shown. If it is was just solid waste, people would just deal with it. But burning fossil fuels releases CO2 into the atmosphere and that will cause the atmosphere to heat up. That heat will transfer to the oceans, lakes and land and heat them up. If we continue on a path of burning fossil fuels, it will threaten our current cultures and political states, and there is a possibility of threatening humanity itself.

    Also not shown as that wind turbines and solar panels will increasing become recyclable. A lot of municipal waste is compostable and will degrade. The e-waste can be mined. Even the plastic has a chance of being composted and degraded properly, but coal ash? It's just going to sit there, lifeless, waiting on the toxicity and radioactive chemicals to leech and dilute into the surrounding environment. CO2 in the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels? The worst part. Those are thousand year problems without human treatment of some kind.

    Batteries will be recycled. PV panels will be recycled. Carbon-fiber wind turbine blades are inert solid waste, but even with that, there will eventually be ways to recycle them.

    Really, renewables is a gigantic improvement over fossil fuels, especially solar+PV. The waste is solid, most of the product can be recycled, and just not having the gaseous and solid waste from fossil fuels will be a big boon for public health and the vitality of society.
    Great talking points and graphics; terrible science. Go back and learn some physics. An all electric and renewable future is a complete pipe dream.