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  • Apple VP of industrial design details MacBook Air overhaul

    And while the MacBook Air looks quite different from the MacBook Pro, Hankey said that neither device was designed in a vacuum. She said that this "was the first time we ever set out to do a family of products together."”

  • Everything the rumor mill got right -- and wrong -- about the M2 MacBook Air

    I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Apple was issuing its its own fake intel. I think they know that they are helped, in general, by rumor mill buzz. 
  • Second-generation M2 Apple Silicon chip arrives in MacBook Air, MacBook Pro

    mpantone said:
    dewme said:
    All I can say is get in line behind all of those who are waiting to take a test drive in an Apple Car. 
    Apple Car isn't going to happen in the near future.

    Autonomous driving technology needs to be heavily tested on public roads. Companies who are developing such technology are required to apply for permits to do so. Apple does have this permit here in California but the program does not have the same vehicle miles as companies like Waymo or Nuro.

    For Apple to get California DMV and US DOT approval to market a mass-market autonomous vehicle they will likely need to show tens of millions of miles of successful prototype vehicle tests in a variety of conditions (dense fog, black ice, snowstorms, heavy night rainstorms, high wind), not just leisurely cruising through residential neighborhoods in Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Mountain View on sunny days.

    Apple simply has not logged many miles. There are a few months where there were very few test vehicles and their actual mileage was extremely minimal. You can download the reports from the DMV website.

    All of the major auto manufacturers are working on this, plus a bunch of startups. Many of these prototype test vehicles don't advertise their affiliation.

    Recently I've seen a Mercedes with the typical array of odd appendages and instrumentations on the road. Realistically there is only one company on this planet who would pick a Mercedes to be a test platform for an autonomous vehicle: Daimler-Benz. I've seen a Toyota with a discreet marking of "Toyota Research Institute" on it. I'm keeping my eyes open for Porsche and BMW. They are probably around and I simply haven't seen them yet.
    Autonomous vehicles are turning into the same technology god-send as fusion power: it’s always a few years away. I wouldn’t hold your breath on them. Ten years ago everyone was chattering about how within a decade almost no one would own a car anymore because we’d all be getting around in an autonomous Uber.  Turns out autonomous driving is far more nuanced and complicated than most engineers thought. Personally I don’t think we’ll ever have fully autonomous vehicles driving on our current “dumb” road network. It’s going to require some kind of sensor network built into or near the roads to work. 
  • Compared: New M2 MacBook Air vs M1 MacBook Air

    “Now, 2020 MacBook Air owners have to decide whether the updates are enough to warrant an upgrade or to stick around with the M1 model for a while longer.”

    I would imagine there’s a very small minority that feel like they “have” to make a choice between keeping what they have or upgrading to the new Air.  Different story for someone who makes a living on their machine, but then they’re probably not using an Air either. 
  • Compared: AirPods Max versus Sony WH-1000XM5

    The previous sony headphones could only pair with 1 device at a time, this was a problem if you use iPhone and mac at same time and swap from one to the other (ie during a phone call). Do the new  sony devices pair with more than 1 device ?
    False. I have the XM4’s and I’ve paired them with my iPad and iPhone simultaneously.