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  • New MacBook Air predicted to have 'marginally faster' Apple Silicon M2 processor

    netrox said:
    Customers have been wrong many times. Over and over. 
    And Apple has been too dude. 
  • Apple's Lisa Jackson sees 'economic opportunity' in Clean Energy Standard

    AppleZulu said:
    entropys said:
    The main economic opportunity is in subsidy farming. And the only places these jobs exist is in rhetoric.

    Fossil fuels have been hugely subsidized for generations. Giveaways for mining and drilling on public lands and in public waters are a drop in the bucket compared to the money and blood we’ve spent on decades of middle-east wars to fight over foreign places you wouldn’t know existed if they weren’t sitting on top of oil and gas deposits. Then there’s the externalized costs to our water and air, killing millions of us slowly and painfully with carcinogenic runoff, destruction of the natural environment and particulates in the air. That’s before we even start talking about the disastrous effects of climate change from the stuff.

    Clean energy and renewables are coming, whether you like it or not. That’s where the energy jobs will be. You can get on board with it, or you can keep sharpening your harpoon while you insist that whale oil is where it’s at.
    …and your post is the usual BS, progressive talking points backed by zero evidence. If “clean energy” (an oxymoron if there ever was one) is an opportunity waiting to happen it would have already occurred. Let the market decide, instead of ramming it down this country’s throat. 
  • 24-inch iMac with M1 benchmarks up to 56% faster than Intel model

    This will be a great upgrade from my 2010 21.5” iMac with SSD which is still running strong and serves my needs. But, I’m going to wait until Apple releases the 27” replacement and/or refreshed MBPs to see what kind of processor they come with. Hopefully they make an M2 available as an upgrade in the 24”. 
  • US removes Xiaomi from blacklist banning Chinese technology firms

    DAalseth said:
    Even when they were doing the right thing, they did it in such a clumsy, inept way with no regard for the rule of law, that it gets thrown out. This is what happens when you have a leader that has no understanding that there are ways to do things if you want them to stand up in court. You can’t bully and buy your way around the rule of law.
    Yeah, because Trump personally litigated this case from the get-go. Whatever dude. 
  • Apple debuts colorful 24-inch iMac with M1, upgraded camera and audio

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    elijahg said:
     It also has no Ethernet port at all on the base model, 

    The specs say the base model has Ethernet as a configurable option. It's probably as simple as swapping the power supply!
    That's a good point, I/we have no idea yet how many pins are in the power supply. Would be cool if it had USB C such that you could plug things in to the hidden power supply brick, would keep things tidy. Otherwise the case would need to be different for each config. I'd prefer a USB socket on the side too for things like memory sticks, and a SD card reader would be good too, dunno why they got rid of that. I use mine regularly.
    Get a dock...
    Totally defeats the purpose of an AIO.
    No it doesn't.  Done right, if anything it enhances the AIO experience.  My 2020 iMac (at home) is connected to a Caldigit TS3+ dock which is bolted underneath my desk table.  So in addition to the power cable on the back of my iMac, I have one neat, slender Thunderbolt 3 cable going under my very clean, cable-managed desk.  That's it.

    To that dock, I have plugged into it a second Thunderbolt monitor, two Promise RAID R6 & R8 disk arrays, Gigabit Ethernet, and an Audio Engine Digital-to-Analog sound converter for my kick-butt sound system.  The front has an SD card slot I use constantly, along with USBa, and USBc ports for those occasional times I need to recharge/connect something.  

    I use a 2015 iMac at the office connected to two additional thunderbolt displays, and everything else is connected cleanly to another Caldigit TS3+ dock under that standing desk too.  Again, just one nice clean thunderbolt cable coming out of it under the desk to the dock with all cables neatly hidden.  

    Doing it your way, I'd have all those cables going to the back of my iMac which would make it a rats-nest of ugliness, might strain some of the connectors, and makes for a very ugly, sloppy appearance.  No thank you.

    My setup has all the cables neatly routed and hidden under my desk.  Both my office and home setups are standing desks and every cable is neatly hidden.  Super clean.  I don't want any of those wires going to the back of my iMac.

    I've received numerous compliments by my coworkers about the cleanliness of of my desk's cable management ideas.  Now others are doing the exact same thing to theirs.

    I prefer the least amount of cables going to the back of my iMac as it can be seen from the back.  If anything, adding the ethernet jack into the power brick I think is/was a brilliant move to continue to de-clutter the back of the iMac.  I think they should have went a step further and also included a USB4 port as well so along with a dock, only one cable would be needed on the back of an iMac.  Perhaps they'll do that for the bigger version of the iMac.
    Oh great. Because you being one iMac user that finds a dock useful is clearly representative of the general population.

    Most home users, which is clearly the audience for this first iteration of an Apple Si iMac, are probably going to be as wireless as possible and won’t have all the extra stuff plugged in like you’ve got.