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  • Google paying $1 billion to publishers for content in new News Showcase

    spar85 said:
    “High quality “ news?  That’s an oxymoron. 

    This is a clear example of a deep-pocketed company trying to control the news content one can see in an effort to create news, sway minds, and establish/maintain a narrative of their choosing. 

    As opposed to what?  
    Google is taking readers to the website of their choice currently.  You can choose to go to Fox or CNN (etc) if you choose.

    Google will be purchasing content in the future.  There are no “alternative” facts, there are just different interpretations.  If you’re getting your news from Twitter or Facebook, you’re just reading B.S.

    If the content they purchase is high quality, covering both sides of issues and laying out the facts as they are known (given by professionals in the field) that will be a huge improvement over the alternative.

    People quote so much B.S to me lately (on COVID) anything would be an improvement.

    I.e. The flu kills more people than COVID!
    Then they repeat it over and over, as if it would make it true through repetition.

    Excuse me, I can do my own math using the CDC’s website as data.
    USA Flu Deaths: Est. Ave. 30,656 over the last 9 years (no est. for this year).
    Last time I checked 30,656 is less than 210,357 (current COVID-19 deaths, also an estimate)

    If there was a reliable source of data + expert opinions by real virologists that would be useful.  No I’m not interested in the opinion of Joe Plummer on Facebook, who’s qualifications is he gets sick a lot.

    Dude, I think your "analysis" is pretty shallow.  If you'd done some more research on the CDC's website, you'd find that the co-morbidity death rate of covid-19 is above 90%.  There are plenty of people who have died with covid, but not because of covid.  Of course we could go on to argue that there are plenty of flu co-morbidities too.  My point: there's more to the story.
  • Apple commits to 100% carbon neutral footprint by 2030

    Too bad Mike Schellenberger isn't on Apple's BOD. He'd at least be a voice of reason even though they probably wouldn't listen to him. 
  • 'The Joe Rogan Experience' to ditch Apple Podcasts, YouTube for Spotify

    juanguapo said:
    The people who like his podcast. 
  • Apple will likely launch 5G iPhone this fall despite rumors of delay, analyst says

    2)  With China mostly recovered and the U.S. government not just dumping helicopter money on the economy but rather B52 saturation bombing money there is not much reason to suspect that there will be any significant drop in demand.   If nothing else, every potential U.S. customer will be getting enough to buy not just an iPhone but an iPhone Pro -- $1,200 a person.  Even the kids will get enough to buy an iPhone 8 -- $500.
    I think the phrase "carpet bombing" might be more useful here.  :#
  • Tim Cook signs letter urging the US to remain in Paris Agreement

    spice-boy You may be too young to remember how an international effort to regular aerosol gases help close the hole in the ozone over the southern pole, it worked, this time we are up against fossil fuels and a huge profits which have taken priority over an impending disaster. I hope you don't seriously doubt all the scientific research which has been collected over the last 40 years do you. Even President Bush SR gave speeches about the dangers of climate change when he was in office, how can you not know this?
    You think 40 years of cherry-picked data (I.e., not research) is enough to make absolute conclusions on a system that’s been running for billions of years? You’re delusional. Please stop lecturing us about science when you clearly demonstrate that you yourself don’t understand the method.