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  • Tim Cook signs letter urging the US to remain in Paris Agreement

    spice-boy said:
    martinxyz said:
    Make the Macs, Tim.
    Science deniers which most of those commenting here seem to be are not thinking beyond their own front door. It's a big complicated world out there and we are all dependent on each other regardless if you understand that or not. 
    Sorry bro, you’re the one denying science by perpetuating a myth built on cherry-picked data obtained by studies that confirm the conclusion a priori. I’ll keep posting this as long as the battle rages: when ANY prediction from the AGW camp actually comes true, because the science is understood, I’ll start listening. Up to now they haven’t, because it isn’t. 
  • Tim Cook signs letter urging the US to remain in Paris Agreement

    dewme said:
    The vast majority of those who are making decisions to ignore scientific evidence will be dead before the consequences of their inaction have a catastrophic  impact on their descendants. 

    The suffering caused by climate change and rising sea levels will be disproportionately felt by those who are least able to handle the disruption. The descendants of those who are currently steering future generations into a swampy abyss for their short term financial and political gains will be able to move their seaside mansions and luxury yachts to new seaside locations, like Phoenix, Spokane, and Kansas City. 

    To future generations: you have our thoughts and prayers. Oh, and learn how to swim. 

    DAalseth said:
    davgreg said:

    The time to act would have been back when a certain Apple Board member made a film about the problem...
    Or about ten years before that. Back in the ‘80s there was testimony before Congress about the issue. They all listened, thanked the scientists who spoke, and then did nothing. 
    Man you guys are awful. Tell you what: once ANY prediction from the AGW camp comes true, because the science is fully understood, maybe we can start working on the issue. Until then, stop concern-trolling about the non-problem of AGW.

    And by the way, that “testimony” in the 80’s was nothing more than propaganda from Hansen. 3 to 9 degrees F in the 2020’s? He wasn’t even close. It would be very refreshing to hear anybody in the AGW camp say that we just don’t fully understand all the dynamics of our planet’s climate, because that’s whatIS true. 
  • Apple's Phil Schiller discusses 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard design versus Butterfly

    Apple’s insular design process does them no favors when it comes to things like keyboards and mice (mouses?).
  • Apple's $2.2 billion 'Green Bond' issue will fund carbon emission reductions

    Rayz2016 said:
    Where are their equally unrelated to Apple’s core business competencies big investments in next-generation nuclear?
    Probably don't want to pour cash into the next-generation nuclear disaster.
    Please educate yourself on nuclear before posting ignorant comments like this. 
  • Apple's $399 'iPhone SE 2' pegged for March 2020 release

    GeorgeBMac said:
    No, not quite.  I am not arguing features versus price.   I am arguing that putting an expensive processor that most people don't need into an obsolete, limited design is a bad decision.   Most users won't see a lot of difference between an A10 and an A13.   But they will see a huge difference in an extra inch of screen in the same sized phone.

    As illustration:  The 2019 iPad with an A10 processor will sell for less than this rumored phone.
    I think it'd be great if Apple released an SE as described by Kuo, and I bet there are plenty of other people that would agree, especially if they ask $400 for it.  I currently am on a 6S and it still works fine. The only thing I want or need out of a new phone is that it lasts me 4 or 5 years, and that means getting up to date internals; the screen size is fine and I don't care that the bezels are there. Nor do I care about FaceID since I've never used it; TouchID gets the job done just fine.

    For value-conscious customers, price matters, and Kuo's predicted SE strikes the right chord.