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  • New Apple video blurs the line between iPad Pro and computer, repeats Steve Jobs 'post-PC'...

    Yeah, lot's of "work" getting done in that video.
  • Apple, other tech companies pledge to continue efforts to meet Paris climate accord

    spice-boy said:
    I rather my elected officials handle climate change because they will be accountable if they don't act to protect our world. A corporation only seeks profits for it's share holders and the rest of us can do nothing about it. This nonsense that "free market" will solve our problems and take care of the greater good is complete nonsense. The free market often leads to abuse of the system, concentration of wealth, and has ill affects on society at large. We all benefit from regulations. You cannot drive a car without a license that proves you are capable, drug companies must prove their products are not dangerous, restaurants must prove they a sanitary kitchen, safely stored food, etc... Something as big as the environment should not be left in the hands of capitalist. Apple and many other companies have been leading the move to clean energy which is great but trust me for every Apple there are how many companies with their eye on the bottom line and nothing else. I would suspect that people that have an interest in technology also have some interest in other sciences so I am often baffled by the endless amount of "antl-scicence" comments post here, unless I am naive and underestimate troll behavior. 

    That statement alone is the most ignorant think I've ever read on the internet, period.
  • Apple, other tech companies pledge to continue efforts to meet Paris climate accord

    MacPro said:
    Who's the 'they' in that statement?  The folks that write right wing blogs?  If you actually did some genuine research you'd find 'they' the scientists of the world actually have a very accurate handle on this.
    Keep drinking the Kool Aid dude.  If scientists did have a handle on this, why have their predictions consistently failed?  Why do there models not work?
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