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  • Early demo of Siri third-party app integration finds feature useful, vital to system's evolution

    Rayz2016 said:

    Supposedly (via the recent interview with Phil, Craig, & Eddy), it is housed in a roughly 200mb file on your phone- I have to imagine that when you transfer your info to a new phone, say by way of iTunes backup; that that file would transfer over as well... as it obviously wouldn't need to get accessed by Apple or anything for that to happen.
    Mmmm.  But what about folk who just take the stuff through iCloud? I would imagine the file is transferred via Apple servers. 
    Hmmmm.... then I guess it would fall under the same purview of your other personal files backed up in that manner, in that it would not be "scanned" or used by Apple in any way other than stored on their secure servers, as encrypted data, at your behest.
  • Alleged 'iPhone 7' prototype sticker points to 32GB of storage on base models

    What cracks me up is that people don't understand how wickedly clever this is for Apple, from a PROFIT standpoint.
    We saw it on both of the Pro model iPads...
    Jump right from 32 to 128; & make the difference in price between 1st and 2nd $150 now, instead of $100.
    I'm going to assume that pretty much none of us use the entry level 16, yeah?
    Meaning that we all are accustomed now to paying $750 for 64, not $650 for 16. 
    Soooo, if they follow iPad pricing (HIGHLY likely), we all have a difficult decision... save a $100 by accepting half what we currently buy- a new 32 @ $650, instead of our 64 @ $750... OR pony up an extra $50 for the new 128 @ $800!
    Nobody is reporting o this, & I feel it's as plain as the nose on my face.
    The vast majority of us are going to be contributing to raising Apple's RSU.
  • Photo hints at bigger, 334mAh battery in second-gen Apple Watch

    gatorguy said:
    Soli said:
    A small battery with a relatively low volume would be the ideal market to test new battery tech.
    SolidEnergy. Samsung has something similar but using graphene, may be shipping in the next few months.
    Lol, well.... the one article I read on this mid last year said it would take "at least three years to bring to market". Sooooo, either- you consider mid 2018 (at the earliest) "the next few months", or you have some info to share about how they rapidly & under the radar pushed this through faster than anyone guessed- by about a 24 month margin??
  • Alleged 'iPhone 7' series specs could detail Apple's next-gen cameras

    I just want to see Apple's demo of what they're going to do with two cameras...
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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook sells $36M in Apple stock after receiving 5-year RSU bonus

    He's doing pretty well. I still say he'll be entering politics as the next part of his career path.
    Wow, that would make one hell of a storied career!!! =)