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  • Apple again rumored to axe iPhone home button in 2017

    cintos said:
    Reviews of the iPhone 7 rarely mention the new A10 processor - even when published by Apple-centric sites like Appleinsider.
    Lol... "reviews" of an unreleased phone???!
    I'm not sure English is your strong suit.
  • Apple patent details visual-based AR navigation, confirms Flyby Media acquisition

    Find my iPhone would be sweet with my iPad showing a 3D map of my house, leading me to its precise location!
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 glass screen more easily damaged than any iPhone

    cnocbui said:
    sog35 said:
    how do you know?  Maybe Samsung's quality control isn't as good as Apple.  Maybe Samsung agreed to buy Cornings 'sloppy seconds' for a discount rate.

    Don't think for a second that Samsung isn't sketcy enough to do this type of stuff.  
    They know their clients are idiots and uneducated so they can sell them low quality junk and it won't matter.
    Oh don't give me that Apple quality shit.  I'll give you Apple quality - this is what you get from Apple in a near $3000 product:

    This is the screen on my naked pocket carry for 6 years phone:

    And contrary to all the anti-OLED brigaders, the blues haven't faded in the slightest and there is no burn-in.

    My experience with admittedly only a few products, is that Samsung do not make junk.
    Junky old Nokias didn't break easily either.
    Lol, that six year old piece of garbage you posted is DEFINITELY junk. I wouldn't wipe my ass with it.
    Congrats on keeping it scratch free (I guess??)... the fact that something that lame keeps you happy for six years kinda suggests you likely have used it over that period of time about half the amount the rest of us use our phones in a week.
    Soooooo.... unsure what you thought your "point" was going to be- but it fell flat.
    GloriousKillboopthesnootlolliverkevin kee
  • 'iPhone 7' expected to continue Apple's normal naming conventions, no 'Pro' model

    TurboPGT said:
    That's a pretty horrid analysis of the state of things.
    In what way? Do you have an explanation or context for things you say (based on what you've said above), or do you simply put down whatever bombastic, stream-of-consciousness blather that comes to your mind?
    Ooooh, I have an explanation!!!!
    and it is based on REALITY. Not your pompous, pseudo intellectual, demeaning without a reason snideness...
    you see- there was only small phone options on iOS prior to iPhone 6; creating pent up demand. Thus, sales were abnormally high, due to a "supercycle" if you will- that is to say: instead of the standard "2 year upgrades", we had a HUGE amount of 5S users upgrading for the 1st time after only one cycle. 
    Sooooo.... since 6S did NOT introduce a new size, there was less enticement. Thus, a drop in sales year over year.
    This makes logical sense... people wanted the 6 because it WAS different (fundamentally... it was quantifiably larger), not because it "looked" different. The general consensus is 4/5 look better than 6, with the squared off edges & glass, then the chamfering. 
    Your claim of people wanting things solely because they "look different" is the silly & baseless argument here.
  • New 'iPhone 7' photos show off alleged case design, hint at pressure-sensitive home button

    welshdog said:
    No Smart Connector in those shots. Not sure what that means.
    What is a "Smart Connector"?
    The little "3 dots" connector for keyboard case & other peripherals. It is currently on both iPad Pros.