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  • The best Bluetooth earbud alternatives to Apple AirPods

    I really want those Beats X headphones, but they will come out February earliest. 6 months after they are announced. A pain!
  • How to restore the classic Mac startup chime to Apple's new 2016 MacBook Pros

    Whenever I have to reboot and my girlfriend is already sleeping, the chime wakes her up. So I leave the room for rebooting. I do not give one f that the sound is gone. And the "Happy Face"? Come on. It is super ugly.
  • Video: Unboxing Apple's ceramic Apple Watch Edition

    I really don't get why they didn't do a ceramic black, to go with the glossy black iPhone. I think in general a ceramic black would sell better anyway. But yeah ... if we're moving to an annual upgrade cycle, I don't see much value to investing in these upper end watch casings. As someone who paid the extra for stainless last time, I'll just get aluminium this time.
    They couldn't do ceramic black because Rosenthal (china ware) has a patent on that. Everything on the market is painted porcelain but not solid. And that is what people would expect from Apple.
  • Video: Unboxing Apple's ceramic Apple Watch Edition

    Mickey watchface is the first thing I deleted from my watch. F****ing ugly. As a kid I always skipped Mickey stories and only read the Donald ones.
  • Former NSA director opposes iOS backdoor, but leans towards FBI in iPhone unlock debate

    volcan said:
    tmay said:

    Personally, I don't believe that, and pragmatically, it is risky for Apple to have such.
    Apple has had a key in the past and they have previously unlocked iPhones.
    Nope, they never unlocked a single iPhone. What you mean is, they extracted content out of a locked iPhone. It could be extracted because the data was not encrypted. Since iOS 8 all data on an iPhone is encrypted and Apple does not have the key. The problem is, there is a lot of false and/or bad information flying around. The media mostly can't get their facts straight, because the "journalists" just do not have enough technical knowledge to explain it to people who have clearly no idea how anything works. Try to explain what is going on with the FBI and Apple to your mother and you will see, why the government is behaving like it does. Most people there are over 60 and happy if they manage to check their emails.