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  • Samsung's foldable display smartphone could launch in March for over $1700

    Cool tech, but doesn’t look ready for prime time. Sure it folds...but it looks thick as a brick folded. And at $1,700... Until they can slim it down, it’ll just be an expensive, impractical novelty. 
  • Jony Ive explains design choices for new iPad Pro and 'magical' elements of the refreshed ...

    Apple does make Magical products. They keep Magically making money disappear from my bank account!
  • New iPad Pro benchmarks are very close to the 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro

    MacPro said:
    I would not be surprised to see some Mac laptops with all Apple chips next year and seriously wonder if the new Mac Pro due hopefully in 2019 may be a hybrid with Intel for virtualization and Apple for all else, dual or quad Apple CPUs?  In that scenario, the Intel chips would become the equivalent of the Apple ][ language card we used in the 1970's and early 80's.  In fact, it could easily be done as a BTO option on high-end Macs.

    Think of not only the performance but also the margin increase for Apple not buying Intel chips and the effect on AAPL.
    I thought that the new MacBook Air might be the first Mac to get an ARM chip. Guess not yet. But you know it’s coming. 
  • Every iPhone user is tied to Saudi business interests, like it or not

    sirozha said:
    Even though I condemn a brutal murder of any human being not directly involved in harming civilians, and so by this standard I condemn the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, it's important to note here that he was not a freedom-loving journalist who purely wanted to report truthfully on the current events. 

    Jamal Khashoggi met the same kind of death that he wished on others. He has always been an ardent supporter of extremism (as extremism as perceived by the western standards). Starting from the recently surfaced picture of him standing with mujahideen holding a grenade launcher and continuing throughout his "journalistic" career, Jamal Khashoggi did not meet an Islamic extremist that he didn't love. He supported all major Muslim extremist movements in the Middle East, including Al Qaida, Hamas, their parent Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, Hizbollah, etc. He was virulently anti-Israel and wished for as well as spoke and wrote about his vision for the elimination of the State of Israel though an armed struggle. In other words, he had wished on the Israeli civilians the same death that he faced from the hands of the Saudi leadership. 

    Whether a critic of the current Saudi Crown Prince or not, Jamal Khashoggi was a promoter of extremism in the Middle East and throughout the world. On the other hand, MBS, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, showed himself as a progressive leader compared to other members of the Saudi Royal Court. In fact, in the past year or so, there have been several editorials published in governmental Saudi newspapers that spoke of Israel in a positive way, which had been unheard of in the entire history of the Arab world, starting from the times of the Muslim prophet. The very fact that MBS and Jared Kushner conder(ed) each other close friends is unprecedented, given that one is an heir apparent to the Saudi Royal Throne and the other is the most competent adviser in the US President's close circle while being an Orthodox Jew. The fact that a Saudi Royal - a Muslim Arab - and and Orthodox Jew so close to the US President can call each other close friends is unprecedented and has a potential of completely changing the dynamic of the Middle East and finally bring about peace to the Arab Israeli conflict. 

    It's hard to imagine that MBS wasn't involved in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, but IMHO, Mr. Khashoggi got to taste his own medicine in an extremely brutal way, which was the same way he wished death on Israelis. I do not condone the way he was handled at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, but it would have brought me nothing but satisfaction to have seen Mr. Khashoggi having his Green Card revoked for extremism and being thrown (alive) out of the United States. 

    MBS uses the same customary methods for eliminating his enemies as the methods used in Saudi Arabia to deal with the enemies. In this particular situation, the victim was not on the side of progress or peace but rather on the side of extremism. The method of dealing with the victim cannot be condoned, but that doesn't eliminate the fact that the victim was not innocent. Mr. Khashoggi was not an innocent man, and I'm not sure how he was able to receive permanent residency in the US. On the other hand, it has been rumored that the Saudis have been cooperating with Israelis under a common threat from Iran for many years now. Even though this could have been discounted as a rumor in the past, it has recently become obvious that the Israelis, the Saudis, and the Americans have been working for several years now on a comprehensive plan to bring about an end to the Arab Israeli conflict and to create peace in the Middle East as well as to form a coalition against the Iranian threats. This effort spearheaded by MBS must be supported, and the murder of an extremist at the hands of the Saudi hit team (most likely sent by MBS) should not derail a historic effort that is currently under way. If this opportunity is let pass, there may not be another chance for peace in the Middle East for centuries. 
    Dude. That pic of him with the Osama bin laden was during the Afghan war when the US supported the rebels against Russia. He was there on assignment as a journalist. Be careful of regurgitating Fox News right wing conspiracy theories in trying to downplay his was one of “them”. It’s the kind of xenophobic otherizing that disregards fact for lies.
  • Apple showcases bokeh-enhanced Portrait photos shot with iPhone XS

    These look great. Although it’s hard to reproduce the naturally creamy smooth bokeh of real glass, Computational photography is getting better and better. And it will continue to improve. It truly is amazing how far iphoneography has come.