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  • Taylor Swift turns to promoting Apple Music's curated playlists in new video ad

    Rough crowd.... Was hilarious as shit!
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook attends secret meeting with tech and government elite to plot end to Trump presi

    pigybank said:
    No offense, and I'm not at all a Trump supporter, but if that is who the American people choose, then that is who they choose. This is especially frightening if people within the government themselves are looking to interfere in the electoral process. Why don't Tim and these big tech companies plot to help a candidate they support win instead?

    Amen. I find this whole thing troublesome. Here's your input, Tim... vote. That's it.

    Who knows what specific attributes are going to be powerful for America and which ones will detract from success as president. We've had all manner of personality types as presidents. Some were better than others.

    This idea that Trump is going to destroy America is odd. And we've heard it before, with Ronald Reagan. WWIII was imminent, according to these elitists, plus he had no background in economics. He turned out to be pretty good.

    I think the establishment is nervous about a candidate winning that they have little control over.
    harry wildtallest skil
  • Bill Gates sides with FBI on Apple encryption fight, says scope is limited to one iPhone

    Apple, take the phone, get the data off of it, and give the data to the FBI. Then do what you want with whatever method you used to crack that phone.
  • Wall Street adjusts Apple expectations after Tim Cook 'rips the Band-Aid off'

    I have not read the prior comments, and look forward to doing so later today, but my 2¢ is that Apple has currently no narrative or vision to offer the market, and the market is making up its own. As it always does.

    Cook just does not appear to be comfortable creating, managing, massaging, reinforcing such a narrative, and I think the Board is utterly useless/absent at this point (it's a bunch of mediocre people and has-beens anyway).

    I find it particularly puzzling, given how passionate Tim Cook can be on matters that concern him personally. Why can't he bring the same passion to addressing his shareholders' genuine concerns? (And I am not talking about -- I could care less about -- the fly-by-nights and the drive-by shareholders here). Weird....
    This is a great point and better stated than I could articulate. It's spot on. Tim Cook has passion for social issues. I just am not seeing him...ugh.....can't put my finger on it quite yet.

    Here's one point I'll make....quick...what is Apple's current overall marketing theme?


    Remember Think Different? These were important messages that Steve personally massaged and proudly delivered. They said, Hey, this is Apple! Here's where we're going!

    I'm not as down on Apple as it might read, but I think they could be shaping their vision and getting it out there. As long as we aren't going to have revolutionary products (which is fine...I get it), let's at least knock 'em dead every now and then with intelligent, ambitious iteration. I have high hopes for the iPhone 7. Everyone is thinking this is going to be a killer re-design. I sure hope so. Hope the other upgrades are around the corner. New CPUs have been out for a while...... iPad needs some love....
  • Donald Trump promises to make Apple manufacture in US instead of China

    I like that he's in there, saying stuff that everyone is thinking. We wouldn't even be talking about walls and immigration / refugee issues without him bringing these issues to the fore. At least not the same way. He says things without thinking them through. That's classic Trump behavior. He should have watched Tim Cook explain why Apple uses China to built their phones. Where else can Apple find the engineering labor that will be willing to work in those factories? Seems like drudgery and maybe the Chinese are more adept at that kind of work. In a utopia, it would be grand to have all Apple's money here, all the manufacturing here, etc. But free trade is about tradeoffs. We get superior products at fantastic prices. China gets the iPhone labor. By no means does America get the shit end of the stick. You have to look at all the variables.