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  • New phishing scam masquerades as Apple support call

    I get spoof emails from fraudsters posing as Ebay or PayPal. The have a dedicated spoof email address you can report these idiots to ([email protected] , [email protected]). Does a similar address exist for Apple. That would be helpful. Perhaps we can crowdsource these guys into oblivion.
  • Apple confirms pedestrian-level Maps data collection, initially limited to California

    I live in San Jose. Can someone point me towards where to apply for the walking mapping job ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Apple carries first-ever in-store, third-party Wi-Fi router in form of Linksys Velop

    I missed my 2009 Airport Extreme base station. I loved it - best router i used. I live in a traditional 2 story subdivision, and this was an impressive router. 

    When I got FIOS Internet i was so happy, but when the TV service finally was offered with the Internet back in 2010, I had to scrap this router because of the requirement of Verizon's crappy actiontec for TV Guide updates. I sold that Apple router and moved on.

    6 years later when I finally DITCHED the FIOS TV part, Apple sadly has not made any improvements to the router and was really hoping they could have been first with a very good MESH based system. Sadly again they have not, and with reading somewhere they dispersed the Airport team I moved to buy the Google WIFI MESH system, I am impressed and love it. I would have preferred an Apple solution, but i guess its not a big enough market for them to want to cater too. 

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    I would think the incentive to bring out refreshed Apple routers is to enhance the security and interoperability of the entire Apple ecosystem...
  • Apple carries first-ever in-store, third-party Wi-Fi router in form of Linksys Velop

    rob53 said:
    I checked out the Linksys iOS app and it looks very similar to all the controls the Comcast xFi shows on commercials. It demonstrates how families can see how the shutdown of Net Neutrality is going to affect them. Parental controls to shut down the kids phones at dinner and prioritizing devices. What I don't like is the requirement(?) to create a Linksys user account in order to manage it. To me this sounds like all activity might be going through Linksys and there's never a reason for that to happen. I don't believe Airport base stations have ever had this requirement and if they did it was simply your Apple ID, which already goes to the company I/we trust the most. 

    "User account (created in the app or at connected to your Linksys product."

    Of course my biggest issue with all of these routers is their cost. 
    Cost is too high indeed. Anyone here on the forums know anything about Apples plans for the future regarding AirPort Extreme? Could they revive/revise them? I hold out hope that they will based upon their willingness to update the MacPro line. Now if could only get my hands on a refreshed Mac Mini ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Jimmy Iovine says he's staying at Apple, rumors 'had nothing to do with reality'

    You da man Jimmy ๐Ÿ˜Ž