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  • Apple to take on Snapchat, Facebook in 2017 with new iPhone video editing app - report

    This is where Apple needs to jus copy what others are doing. Most users would prefer to have the features built into iMessage versus going to another app IMO. Skim the key features and call it good.
    I bet it'll be an app for iMessage as they demonstrated at WWDC
  • US Treasury takes last stab at deterring tax judgment against Apple & Ireland

    melgross said:
    jbdragon said:
    Apple followed LEGAL Tax Laws!!! Apple didn't put the loopholes into the tax code, the politicians did. Now they want to change the rules and steal money from company's. That's exactly what they are doing, Government stealing. Really, it's nothing new. You want to change the rules and close the loopholes, great, the extra taxes taken start at that point forward. I don't have a problem with that. American company's will slowly start to leave where it makes the most sense.
    No the EU is investigating the charge that Apple had a deal that constituted to state aid which was not the same as other companies had access to which contravenes the rules. It's not changing the rules it's looking to see if the rules weren't enforced.
    That's not quite  true. But even so, it's taking the authority of individual countries into its own hands which isn't part of EU law. What Ireland did is the same thing we see states, counties and cities doing all the time. They give breaks to companies in order to have them move some operations into the area. This is done in Europe as well. The EU has mostly been targeting American companies. It's been pointed out that most large EU companies follow the same practice, but haven't been targeted, only those that actually broke EU law.

    apple has long had a large presence in Ireland. Right now, that's over 6,000 people, with that number due to expand further. Considering the population of Ireland, that's a large percentage, and makes Apple one of the largest employers in Ireland.

    so to make Ireland the center of European operations, and thereby the focus of their tax returns isn't actually illegal, according to EU law. The fact too, is that it's actually Ireland that's the subject of the investigation, not Apple, or others. The problem for Apple is that if Ireland is required to pay those taxes, then it's the companies that will be forced to do the actual payments.

    if this were France or Germany, this investigation never would have happened, as that two do whatever they want.
    There are a lot of immature Euros on here who don't understand the most rudimentary foundation of business... Whatever local community or city or state decides to do with a company is up to them. To have some arbitrary regulatory body create rules and apply them retroactively is unethical at best, but some Euros insist on cheering on this political stupidity
  • Samsung to shut down Milk Music streaming service in September

    Shoot! I have like 4000 songs on Milk musing I need to transfer... Says no one ever
  • Amazon looks to debut Echo-only streaming music service, undercut industry pricing by half

    Like any good clown act Amazon is throwing in a dancing monkey routine
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 glass screen more easily damaged than any iPhone

    sog35 said:
    Samsung. Maker of crap products.

    All SIZZLE and no STEAK.

    IMO, only uneducated, poor, or ignorant people buy the flagship Samsung phones.
    You don't even need to buy them. Sign up on TMo and Samsung S7's are being given out for free. It's the cheapskates who want to save a dollar who are taking these deals.