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  • Compared: New Apple Silicon Mac mini versus Intel Mac Mini

    flydog said:
    k2kw said:
    Without the eGPU support this feels unfinished.   More like 0.8 version.   And why can’t they have 32 or 64 GB RAM .   Step backwards.   Are they trying for it to be no so successful.
    Why on earth would anyone buy a $700 entry level computer and then spend at least $1,000 to add an eGPU. 
    Apple only sells two desktop computers without a built in monitor. The Mac Mini and the Mac Pro. So if you want to get a Apple desktop with an RX580, you either get a Mac Mini for $800 and an eGPU for $450 or you can buy a Mac Pro for $6,000. 

    Both the 21.5” and 27” iMacs are more expensive and have a slower GPU.
  • Arlo Ultra security camera gains HomeKit support

    @Madan, do the Arlo cameras connect to your home WiFi or only to the base station. One Arlo base station would not cover the whole house. 

    I hope they come out with outlet powered cameras. I would not want to take out a ladder every month to recharge batteries.
  • Arlo Ultra security camera gains HomeKit support

    I was considering installing SecuritySpy on an old Mac Mini and connecting my POE camera to my Mac Mini. My current NVR has such horrible software that it is almost unusable. The last time I checked the camera footage was a few years ago when a neighbors house was broken into. Only good thing is that it is reliable and it has a UPS, NVR, and an 8 port POE router in one.

    I was hoping that HomeKit security camera good offer secure, maybe even local, storage and a useable interface. If no cameras are going to support true HomeKit integration with secure iCloud or local storage, I’ll have to buy a UPS, POE router, and SecuritySpy software. 
  • HomeKit will securely store videos in iCloud, explicit router support coming

    I'm looking to use this Synology NAS as a NVR:


    It has a NAS module for POE security cameras. 

    I am considering getting the symbology NAS or installing Security Spy on an old Mac Mini. Both should be better than Hikvision.  
  • HomeKit will securely store videos in iCloud, explicit router support coming

    This is awesome. I'd been asking why security camera companies couldn't let you use your own cloud storage (rather than their too-expensive monthly subscriptions), and here's the framework for it. Will buy. Would love to see some NAS system get in on the game, so we can use whatever-brand POE cameras, and have the NAS software integrate with HK Video. 

    POE camera support would be great. I already have 5 POE camera, but there are no NVRs with a decent UX. I have been planning to turn an old Mac Mini into an NVR, but if it is built into the router that would be better.