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  • LTE Apple Watch Series 3 boosts minimum required device to iPhone 6 for initial setup [u]

    Would the series 3 work with an iPhone SE? 
  • Verizon debuts unlimited data plan for prepaid customers

    I don't understand why prepaid customers get less (no thethering) than post paid customers. Most busineses want to get paid as early as possible. Getting paid before providing the service rather than a month later would be better for business. 
  • First look: Nintendo's iPad-like Switch hybrid game console launches, with iOS support on ...

    I don't understand why all switch reviewers seem to have an issue with the lack of Netflix and other apps. I have way too many devices that support netflix already. On my main TV I have 4 devices with Netflix (Smart TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, PS4). I really don't need more devices with Netflix, or browsers, or Spotify, or chat. It is like saying you need more devices with a clock built in. I already have a whole scavenger hunt in my house twice a year when the time changes. What I want is fun family games that the PS4 lacks with a simplest possible menu so that I can go from booting up to playing my games as fast as possible.
  • AT&T expands unlimited plan to all customers, single line pricing starts at $100

    icoco3 said:
    But how do I verify coverage is going to work for the places I go?  ATT works where I need it and that is what makes it hard.  We have 6 phones on the plan so have to cater to everyone's needs.  Guess that is what makes it hard to switch.  If just my wife and I then would be easier but still, how do people test coverage?
    Every basic Nokia used to have a way to scan for networks and show the strength of each. I don't think an iPhone has this feature. 

    T-mobile has a prepaid plan for $3/month for 30 minutes and $0.10/minute after that. You can use that to try T-mobile for a while. 
  • AT&T expands unlimited plan to all customers, single line pricing starts at $100

    I was planning to switch from ATT mobile share to T-mobile's $100 for 2 lines unlimited plan after they announced that they will include 10GB hotspot. Now that ATT announced this, I am still planning to switch. I get a 20% discount, but even then this is a bad deal. After the discount, this is $112 plus probably at least $10 in taxes and fees.

    How can ATT be $22 more expensive than T-mobile after giving a discount and while not offering hotspot and while a recent report shows that T-Mobile has a better network?