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  • Apple objects to 'free ride' requests by Australian banks to open up NFC on iPhone

    Apple Pay should compete on it own merit, not because Apple has a major market share and only allows Apple Pay to be used. Just like bundling internet explorer with windows stalled browser innovation, so too will limiting the iPhone to Apple Pay hurt digital wallet innovation. I am not sure if the Australian banks are creative enough to revolutionize the digital wallet market, but if NFC access is opened up then others might.
  • Head to head: Apple's Time Machine versus three local backup utilities for macOS

    I use Crashplan for local backups. It is free as long as you don't use the online backup service.
  • Mac losing focus of Jony Ive, others in Apple management - report

    sog35 said:
    the refresh has been slow because there is nothing to refresh. No new chips from intel and no new technology to push.
    According to Apple, everyone should switch to USB-C, unless you use a Mac Mini or pro. Apparently their laptops need 5K ultra fine monitors, but their desktops don't need that. 
  • Apple has 'great desktops' on Mac roadmap, CEO Tim Cook says

    Those who keep on blaming Intel for Apple's excuses, I have two words for you: Surface Studio
    That desktop is still based on Intel's Skylake CPU which is a year old and the Nvidia GPU is also based on at least one-year old technology. Other than the 128GB SSD and hi-res touch-screen, nothing else is latest and greatest.
    Newer CPUs is not the only reason to release a new revision of a desktop. I have the latest Mac Mini (2014) and it has no USB-C ports. How much effort would it have been for Apple to release an updated Mac Mini with USB-C ports? Intel is not to blame for that. 

    Also, you can not blame intel for the lack of quad core processors on the Mac Mini. I have enough space on my desk for a desktop with desktop processors. As Tim said, desktops don't have the same space constraints as laptops. 
  • LG UltraFine 5K Display now for sale through Apple, first orders ship in January [u]

    There are already other monitors with USB-C input on the market, and there will undoubtedly be many more coming in the next years. Other than the fact that Apple showcased this, I don't see why this monitor is better than other USB-C monitors.

    I hope that someone will make a USB-C monitor that better matches Apple styling and hopefully also has at least 2 USB-C inputs and a built-in KVM switch. Given that HP has copied the Macbook style in some of their laptops, they may create a better Apple monitor.