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  • AT&T debuts data plans without overages ahead of 'iPhone 7' launch

    The catch is that the cost per line goes up from $15/m to $20/m. Since the taxes are applied to the per line cost and not to the data bundle, that also increases my taxes from $5/m to $6.66/m. For two lines, it would be an increase of $13.32/m.
  • Apple working on charging infrastructure for electric cars - report

    There are already two level 3 charging standards, CHAdeMO and CCS. All Apple has to do is ask the CHAdeMO Quick-Charging Association or the Charging Interface Initiative to get more information. Tesla is a member of both organizations.
  • Take a stand against the Obama/FBI anti-encryption charm offensive

    So let me see if I can follow Apple logic. If I have a safe deposit box at the bank and keep the record of my illegal activities there, police can get a search warrant and force the bank to open the box. However, if I keep all of my illegal activities on an overpriced iPhone and encrypt it with the help of Apple, I'm in the clear because Apple, unlike banks, doesn't have to comply with any legal search warrants. I see this strictly as a marketing ploy on Apple's part that makes me feel far less secure than I did before. To me, it's just this simple....Don't do anything illegal and you don't need encryption. What did people do in the time BEFORE iPhones? Apple....The criminal's friend and confidant.
    In this analogy, Apple is not the bank but the maker of the safe. Once Apple sells the iPhone, they no longer own the phone whereas the bank still owns the safe where the safety deposit box is located.

    In this analogy, the safe maker would be required to add a master code that can open all safes they make without the bank or the customer handing over the key. Once burglars would get a hold of that master code, they would be able to open all safety deposit boxes at all banks.

    Even if you are not a criminal, you could be harmed if you store valuable items in a safety deposit box. If your business is to make safety deploys it boxes you would be out of business very soon after criminals get the master code as no one would want to store their valuable items in a safety deposit box made by your company.

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