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  • Siri now answers your 2020 election questions

    cornchip said:
    jdw said:
    A highly political article under which Comments are allowed!  Refreshing!


    that would be great, but comments have already been deleted..
    If you need insight as to why, feel free to read the commenting guidelines.
    I left only one comment and it was not disrespectful or rude in any way. It was simply pointing out facts specifically - how financing works for election campaigns. It got deleted, it seems.
  • EU lawmakers snub Apple's pleas, overwhelmingly vote to push for charging cable standard

    ElCapitan said:
    If the EU can "help" Apple to become consistent in their plugging, it probably does not hurt anyone. 

    Europe has about 755 million people of which 465 million will be inside the EU zone after the UK leaves. EU standardization like this tend to spill into the entire European market fast. That will also include the UK, as the UK don't have any mobile phone industry of their own, they basically just have to accept the EU standard. 

    Other than other companies not coming up with a better standard, because it would take several years and a ton of pushing to get that included into a standard. So, instead, they will not bother and a consumer will get stuck with a yesteryear's solution that politicians voted for. It is the worst possible scenario.
  • EU lawmakers snub Apple's pleas, overwhelmingly vote to push for charging cable standard

    I’m so happy the Brits said “enough of this [email protected] and left the EU. A bunch of idiots making decisions that entire countries and cultures need to adapt... sounds like a terrible idea. These fools have no idea what they’re even voting in.
    yep. They had at least some sense. The rest will get bent by USSR EU politicians who are divorced from reality and were never elected by those they bend over... 
  • Check out the 117 new emoji coming to Apple platforms later this year

    dysamoria said:
    apple ][ said:
    What a joke. What a waste of time. Spending time and resources on catering to a tiny micro-percentage of weirdos.
    Dude, you’re hardly one to talk about what’s normal or weird, the way you talk around here. In fact, YOU are the minority in this case: a bitter guy who can’t stand change that is being embraced by young people
    So, by definition he is oppressed, because he is a minority and he needs to dictate to everyone what they should be doing and how they should be viewing the world. 
    apple ][elijahgJaphey
  • Tim Cook announces Apple will donate to coronavirus relief efforts

    the monk said:
    the monk said:
    People on the internet in the area report that the number of actual infected is about 90-100k. Chinese gov-t, just like soviet gov-t, simply downplays the issue.
    If you’re going to quote a number like that, I would provide references. People should know more than, “people on the internet.” 
    You do realize that 90 000 infected people is nothing for China, where the entire population is 1.5B? 
    I dont get all this skepticism, because I am surprised that it is not in the millions, given how poor the Chinese heath system is and how close people live to each other there and to animals. Anyway, here is a link. NYP talks about it here... the article should have a link to the video.

    Oh brother. First of all, the number of infected the entire world for the SARS virus was 8000. How did they get 90000 so soon? The article said the nurse did not tell how she arrived at her numbers. Sorry, bad reference at the NYPost with its tabloid headlines knows it. If this ever hit close to home, you would hope you would get accurate information. 90000 my ass.

    I agree... NYT is crap, but they mentioned that video I was talking about so that was the link I posted. Yes, due to nature of Chinese govt, it is almost impossible to officially confirm the number.... JUST LIKE WITH SARS.
    In this situation, it is better be a big scary fudged number and us overreacting, than us not having enough response, while still thinking the number is in several thousand max, when in reality it is in hundreds of thousands.
    Also, she might be getting accurate information, or she might be lying. Which way are you prepared to be wrong?