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  • Tim Cook announces Apple will donate to coronavirus relief efforts

    wizard69 said:
    Apple might want to think about preparations right here in the USA.   As a company they are at high risk due to travel to China.  Apple could easily lose 50% of their staff.  
    I prefer Apple's approach to this kind of alarmist rhetoric. 
    People on the internet in the area report that the number of actual infected is about 90-100k. Chinese gov-t, just like soviet gov-t, simply downplays the issue.
  • FCC retest vindicates Apple on iPhone RF exposure claims

    klink172 said:
    DAalseth said:
    MisterKit said:
    Maybe Apple would have a slander case against the newspaper. I would not take too kindly an article which was false and could lead to scarring my reputation and possibly resulting in lost income.
    Probably not against the newspaper. Freedom of speech and the press would likely quash that. But if someone brought the story to the paper’s attention I suppose Apple might be able to go after them. What I mean is if John Doe concocts the bogus tests for whatever reason (to get his name out as a researcher, to promote his lab, to lay groundwork for a suit against Apple, etc.,) and gives the story to the paper then he, rather than the paper, might be on the hook. But it would be hard to prove.
    The press has no freedom from slander. They never have. 
    In this case would be very hard to prove. For slander you need to show that they did that on purpose, rather than it just being "sloppy job" as one famous dude recently put it.
  • FCC retest vindicates Apple on iPhone RF exposure claims

    Yeah I'm sure a random 3rd party test shop would pick up something that every other RF certification process worldwide would have missed. /s
    Well, they won't, but it did generate a lot of clicks for the Chicago Tribune, did it not? 
    Well, that might be the only reason why they published it! The fact that the measurements were/could have been done very sloppy or incorrectly, matters not. An average reader will grab the article title and run with it. 
  • Not every Mac Pro is assembled in Texas

    Well that sounds like President Trump was actually right, he did keep the Texas factory open, if Apple is otherwise ignoring it outside the US, also explains why there has been very little advertising of it being built in the US like the 2013 was.
    Nope. Apple had no plans to close the factory.
    Apple did not intent on having any manufacturing US jobs at all, until the repatriation tax was cut.... 
  • Foxconn's Wisconsin factory starting production in May 2020 with just 1,500 jobs

    crowley said:
    toddzrx said:
    rcfa said:

    It’s amazing that those decrying socialism the loudest are the same people enthusiastically dishing out handouts to corporations.
    So much this.
    Not so much this.  The statement makes no sense.  Think about it.
    Compelling argument.

    rcfa said:

    It’s amazing that those decrying socialism the loudest are the same people enthusiastically dishing out handouts to corporations.
    So much this.
    What is really amazing is that some NPSc do not understand that a tax cut is not a handout. 
    Let me clarify it: 
    HANDOUT - is when you do not own the money, that someone else generated, yet you ended up getting the money (for some obscure reason), despite having NO connection to the chain of a producer <----> a consumer .
    TAX CUT - is when you actually made those money as a person/company by generating value, and then the gov-t allows you to KEEP MORE of your earned money, by taxing your income to a lesser extent.
    Do you understand the difference?
    It's not just tax cuts, but billions in subsidies aren't handouts? Okay, great, thanks for the etymology lesson — but what's your fucking point?

    The people decrying socialism are mad about what they perceive to be handouts, whether it's tax breaks or other subsidies. This isn't any different, except it's being applied to a fucking profitable international mega-corporation that absolutely 100% does not need these subsidies, whereas we have people in our country working full time and struggling to stay above water. Foxconn should pay every cent for what they need to set up shop in that state. It's bullshit.
    My point is that incentives =/= handouts. Your mistake (as a soft socialist) is to think that you or someone else is entitled to the fruits of another person’s/company labor.  And as such, you misconstrued tax incentives for “hand outs”.
    That is what my (i quote) “fucking point” is.
    Another mistake economically illiterate, like you, often make is thinking that by taxing a corporation, you are taxing that corporation. In reality, that tax ALWAYS gets passed along to the consumer. Corporations themselves always shift the tax burden to the end of the chain - a consumer and they rarely care what the real tax burden is, as long as everyone else has to pay it. So, of course the irony here, is that you scream that companies need to be taxed more, while in reality what you are advocating is that you and other fools will be the ones picking up the tab for that “fair corporate tax”.
    IQ curve is a bitch when your are in the middle of the curve, or to the left of the median/mode, I suppose...
    A more reliable sign of economic illiteracy is when people claim that an economic behaviour is true ALL of the time.  That and throwing "socialist" around as a pejorative.

    Taxes don't always get passed along to consumers.  A competitive market helps with that.
    Taxes always get passed along, unless they are too big for the product to be competitive, in which case, a business ceases to exist. 
    In fact, if you decide to be a “responsible” business and not pass the tax along, you will have less money to be competitive comparing to another business which decided not to be such a fool. This puts YOUR business at the disadvantage by making you less competitive (less cash for operations and growth).