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  • First look at the site of Apple's $1 billion campus in Austin, Texas

    Looks like Apple is building additional leverage against Cali tax madness. Good. Nice to see them doing that. I am pretty sure Amazon has reconsidered its investment plans in Oregon, as well.
    Hard to blame the state for the actions of the private market, right?
    Wrong, especially when it is such a tightly state-controlled RE "market" as the one in Cali. \
    By private you of course meant "free". In Cali it is just as "free" of a market" as North Korea is "democratic". State absolutely can drive RE prices up by making building new homes and businesses difficult (which again stands true for Cali).

    Also, I am pretty sure, Apple is not scared of the property taxes. They are scared of the business/corporate taxes instead.
    Those can be adjusted much easier (especially in socialist inclined states like Cali) by latte drinking "the people",because none of them own a business. So, Apple does need to have some leverage against that.

    Cali is aiming at a huge pension crisis as well, which they themselves created and I bet Apple does not want to have a huge footprint in the state, when the shit hits the fan, either. Smart men!

    Also, if I am not mistaken, there was an article about 6-8 months ago here on AI about how local politicians in Cupertino were very keen on increasing taxes on Apple despite them already getting a lot of money from them..

    Any normal business should diversify against all sorts of circumstances, and I think that is what Apple is doing. Having 2-3 huge campuses can make local politicians think twice  before trying to twist Apple proverbial arms in an attempt to extract more "revenue" from a cash cow they perceive Apple to be.
  • Lawsuit blaming Apple's FaceTime for fatal car crash dismissed

    Apple was accused of acting "with a willful and knowing disregard of the rights and safety of another." 
    I dont smoke neither cigs nor weed, but I would probably learn how to, so I could try the stuff they smoked when they were coming up with that phrasing. 

    If a driver needs some kind of technology to keep him safe, because he cant keep his eyes away from the phone scrreen, he should not be driving and his DL should be taken away. Period.
  • Class action suit alleges Apple lies to customers over size & resolution of iPhone X, XS &...

    sflocal said:
    @#[email protected]#$ Ambulance-chasing lawyers.
    Wahmbulance chasing lawyers. 
  • First look at the site of Apple's $1 billion campus in Austin, Texas

    zoetmb said:
    I still don't understand just what all these employees actually do.   For the size of the product line and the pace of new releases, it doesn't seem like Apple should need the number of employees that it has, unless they're planning an entirely new line of businesses that we don't yet know about.

    The other strange thing is that for all the employees, when we hear reports about specific development teams, those teams tend to be relatively small.   Or, we hear about people being moved from one team to another, as if Apple doesn't have enough employees.   None of this makes sense to me. 
    mostly R&D, I suppose. Software development takes a lot of time (unless it is a small app with 1.5 buttons and 1.3 text fields). Also, I am pretty sure you have very little idea of the size of the code base Apple has. Testing and changing that, and testing again takes time, even if you use so called agile pipelines... Name one company that releases similar products of similar levels of complexity, while employing a fraction of what Apple has. 
  • Qualcomm urging Chinese courts to extend sales ban to iPhone XS & XR

    rcfa said:
    Apple should just make a hostile takeover of Qualcomm, fire the entire management without golden parachutes, sell off the assets, hire key personnel, and liquidate the rest.

    That would give the kind of signal that would stop this sort of nonsense.
    Why? Too expensive funancially and pr wise... it is better to wait it out. With that behavior, Q will be belly up in no time.