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  • Latest California Apple store robbery caught on video

    Apple products bring the all the boys to yard. So this apple fraud in the news a lot has me thinking maybe apple is paying these kids to risk jail time for a cut of advertising. That’s just my demented mind but you never know what big companies do behind the scenes. 
    Really? Apple is to blame for this, again? Victimhood mentality hits new low, I guess... I did not know it could go any lower, but here we are...
    Do you really think that a 1T dollar corporation needs to be risking that much by boosting sales 0.001%? What makes you think someone stealing an iPhone makes me wanna go and buy one? 
    Do you even realize, what will happen to Apple, when those who Apple allegedly paid, start talking? Yeah, you haven't thought your theory through...

    I would suggest you get off the weed or whatever you have been consuming.

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  • As Apple's HomePod reaches multi-million unit sales, is a cheaper version necessary to com...

    nunzy said:
    Apple doesn't do cheap. Cheapskates buy Google.
    You mean, they sell themselves to Google?
  • iPhone X versus Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Which phone for 'Fortnite' gaming?

    gatorguy said:
    melgross said:
    gatorguy said:
    melgross said:
    Here we go again. Compare a phone about to discontinued in a few days with a phone thats new, and which performs better? Just can’t wait another week or two for this to be done with Apple’s new product,
    Mel, I don't think the performance differences are nearly as evident as they once were. Commenters I see who use both platforms (and it seems it's not uncommon) indicate it's more personal preference anymore rather than impactful performance or OS differences. 
    So we should see a comparison between Apple’s new 6.5” model and last year’s Samsung S8? That would be fair? No, it wouldn’t. And this isn’t either. Even though Apple’s older phones outperform the newest Samsung, which is why Samsung had to compare the 9 against an iPhone 6 in their latest commercials, it still isn’t fair. And since no one really knows exactly what the new phone will do, or how well, what your saying isn’t known, but performance isn’t close, and hasn’t been.

    a writer said last year that Android devices are rated on a curve. So while it might be tenure that relative to each other, in their flagship models, there isn’t much difference (there is), there’s a lot more difference between Android phones and iPhones. Sometimes so much so that they don’t use testing apps across the spectrum that work with both, so that direct comparisons can’t be made, even though there are Apple that will do so.
    Mel, ignore all these tests of processors and such that supposedly prove the superiority of "this" over "that".
    Indeed. Ignore those things! They "supposedly" "factually" "prove" almost nonexistent "difference"! lol /s
    The reality is - those tests are real world tests showing use cases and the difference in performance.
    The notion that "synthetic" test results or these results have no real world meaning, is wrong. If the test case is meaningful in testing a particular workflow, than it is meaningful. And if it is an often used workflow, then the same difference will be observed in the real world too. It is as simple as that.
  • Here are all the big changes to Apple Maps from 2017 through 2019

    volcan said:
    Should show speed limits like my car's built-in nav system.
    Apple Maps already does it.
  • Turkey's president calls for boycott of Apple products

    JoeBee said:
    Economic boom, lol. Imaginary numbers while wages are down, jobs are vanishing, our schools are war zones and real people are suffering on the street. If Turkey is a disaster waiting to happen, it's only because they are a few steps further down the same road we are on.
    Wages are down? Really? Everywhere I go it says they are hiring. The economy grew quite a bit better for the last two years. UNemployment is really low. 
    The fact that schools are war zones is a responsibility of those who vote for local politicians and determine, what is done in those schools. In any free country there will be people on streets that suffer, if that was their choice. You CANT do anything about it for precisely that reason alone.

    No, wages are not down, economy is not collapsing and the world is not ending. It is actually the opposite right now.
    Stop watching/reading/listening to BS news that fed you that crap, and instead, look at the facts.